How to grow an agile business for success in three steps

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  • January 17, 2022
How to grow an agile business for success in three steps
In a world that changes every day, Agile business development rethinks how to grow and succeed. Businesses can implement working practices like a Kanban board and techniques like Scrum to help innovate new products and enter the market quickly. But an agile business must do more than just utilising agile methods and must instead build that agility into its structure and mindset. Here are three simple steps you can take.


  1. Train your employees to be adaptable and cooperative.

Adaptation should be a core training for your team(s), with encouragement to share information between departments. Implement mutually inclusive goals to encourage cooperation instead of bureaucracy. This should be built into your culture, with cross-functional collaboration as a pillar for your organisation. Consider forming them into small agile teams, as people are most productive and innovative when working in that format.

  1. Implement flexible planning with room for manoeuvrability.

Encourage and prepare your employees to adapt to the changing situation with a flexible planning system with room for manoeuvrability. Corporate agility requires quick adaptations of both strategies and tactics, so empower your team leaders and consider building direct lines of approval over more traditional methods.

  1. Measure success objectively instead of subjectively.

Skip abstract thought and vanity metrics. What looks good in a board meeting may be useless to the success of a particular idea or process. Pick key metrics that objectively show success, and make sure you have the concrete numbers to support your success. If not, make changes and work on improvement.

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