Workspace Solution​

Solution for office and showcase
Comprehensive service for design, construction, and allocation of office space, showcase, or showroom by a team of experts​

About Us

From experience in designing and managing workspace for 300+ companies, True Digital Park has launched a new service under the name “Workspace Solution” that combines experts in designing and managing the construction of new office space and experience showcase/showroom. With full range of services, our team can cater to all sizes of companies from small companies, startups, to large corporations. Our service include consultation to develop ideas, designing, space utilization recommendation, supervising the construction until move-in date and installation of smart office system.

Why us?

Workspace solutions refer to a set of strategies, tools, and technologies designed to create efficient and effective work environments for individuals or teams. It involves the design and organization of physical and digital workspaces, as well as the integration of technology, furniture, and other resources to support various work styles and workflows.​​


Workspace solutions can include a range of services such as office design, furniture selection, technology integration, and support services. They may also incorporate innovative technologies such as cloud-based collaboration tools, virtual and augmented reality, and smart sensors to improve productivity and collaboration.​​


Overall, the goal of workspace solutions is to create an environment that fosters productivity, creativity, and well-being for individuals and teams while maximizing the use of space and resources.​

  • Project completion guaranteed
  • Trusted by 300+ companies​
  • We understand your needs. No matter if you are a startup or large corporate.​
  • ​Experts in smart/digital workspace​
  • All-in-one service for all workspace solutions​

Our​ Services

  • Consultation

    Space Survey, Space Discovering Service​, Built CI Planning on project, Space Concept and planning​, Budget and package proposal

  • Design & Budget

    Design Service​, Cost control at fixed price package​, Design Change Planning and report​, Network Solution Planning 

  • Construction

    High Standard Construction Drawing​, Real time Report Construction Management Service, Delivery and Handover Service

  • After Sale Service

    Moving & Reinstate Service / Worried free on Ex&Next Space​, Asset List and Report​, Hospitality Service, Office Operating Solution


Private office​​

  • Type A - Basic 

A basic interior design with simple decorations. The tables and chairs are of good quality and well-chosen for comfortable working life. 

  • Type B – Professional​ 
An office for professionals with durable and well-designed interior decorations, providing a relaxing and productive working environment. 
  • Type C – Luxury​ 
An office for people who would like to maximize their productivity. Interior decorations and designs are well-considered to provide a relaxing, effective and luxury working environment.


From hot seats, dedicated seats, to private rooms, and fully-functional meeting rooms—all can be in the mixed, according to your needs.​


Get your product/service on showcase to attract broader audience and create a remarkable experience for your customers.​ 

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