Why is digital upskilling and reskilling so important right now?

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  • June 23, 2021
Why is digital upskilling and reskilling so important right now?
At this moment, digital skill is a necessity to many people. For startups, technology is used as a key driver of their businesses. General businesses are adopting many digital platforms in their workplaces. However, many employees still lack technological knowledge. Therefore, digital upskilling and reskilling play an important role in helping people to gain new knowledge and be able to work more efficiently in their organizations.

We are living in the digital era where technology is in use every day to help organizations move forward effectively such as Cloud Computing, AI, IoT, Digital Marketing or Data Science. But the problem that could be an obstacle for an organization is many employees lack digital knowledge because they did not take any digital class in university or are not catching up with the new tech.


According to an article from World Economic Forum, by 2025 more than 50% of the world's workforce will need to reskill as the adoption of technology increases. Two of the top 10 skills of 2025 are about technology which are (1) technology use, monitoring and control and (2) technology design and programming.


Previously, many organizations might have thought that digital upskilling and reskilling was important but not urgent. However, in reality, digital skills are especially necessary. Moreover, the world is now facing a Covid-19 situation, which has prompted many organizations to adapt more quickly to new technologies such as new platforms like TikTok to meet the changing behaviors of users every day. 


Therefore, organisations should place more emphasis on digital upskilling and reskilling for employees because this is the foundation that will lead the organization to develop globally. Education in this field is a lifelong learning not just for employees, but for every person because learning new things is an opportunity to improve their abilities. 

True Digital Park (TDPK) as Southeast Asia’s largest tech and startup hub recognizes the importance of technology and digital learning in the 4.0 era. It has established the House of Digital Academy to be the center for learning of technology and digital skills.


True Digital Park House of Digital Academy is a global digital learning center that has been cooperated with digital partners to upskill and reskill young talents, deepening their knowledge and technological skills, including software, programming, digital tools, basic business techniques, digital platforms and digital marketing that can be used in work and business.


True Digital Park House of Digital Academy hopes to enhance digital knowledge and skills with courses curated by Alibaba Cloud Thailand, AWS (Thailand), Cisco, Google Thailand, Huawei Cloud Thailand, Microsoft (Thailand), Mitsubishi, Sea (Thailand), True Digital Academy, Bit.studio, Thai Programming Association, Everyday Marketing, and Tellscore. Moreover, we have an atmosphere conducive to innovation. TDPK facilities and services offer chances for talents to meet with startups through our networking events or our shared community.  

The courses are updated monthly and include free-of-charge and paid syllabuses. 

For more info: https://www.truedigitalpark.com/TDPK-House-of-Digital-Academy 


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