How Does AI Help Businesses Accelerate Growth?

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  • July 09, 2020
How Does AI Help Businesses Accelerate Growth?
AI has been a buzz for some time. It has been applied in many fields of business and here's why it could accelerate business growth.

How Does AI Help Businesses Accelerate Growth?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) works by combining large amounts of data by computer and has an ability to understand, learn, perceive data and solve problems. AI can be divided into many levels, from narrow to strong AI. The strong AI has an ability beyond humans in many aspects and many businesses have integrated AI technologies into their works. It has shown that AI can greatly increase productivity for a company.

McKinsey & Company, the world's leading management consulting firm, has brought AI to help with its analysis. This includes customer analytics, manufacturing and supply chain analytics, predictive analytics, and many more. The addition of AI has also contributed to a cost-reduction for the company, more precise decision-making, earnings of up to 600 million US dollars in sales and generating up to 50% more revenue.

Even in Thailand, Bangkok Airways is supported by CISCO UCS to create the Ground Operation application in order to record real-time data. As a result, ground staff can analyse massive amounts of real-time data in a short amount of time and the company can make more effective decisions.

Alibaba, the world’s leading company from China, also integrates AI into their business, which it is called Alibaba Cloud. With Alibaba Cloud, farmers can increase yields and cut costs, resulting in huge incomes into their pocket.

With the intelligence and analytical ability of AI, integrating AI in your businesses might help you grow profits as well as increase your company’s work efficiency.


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