Dealing with people's emotions in marketing

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  • November 20, 2018
Dealing with people's emotions in marketing
When you decide on something, do you use your reasoning or your feelings? Thailand is a market that experts have called “the country that defeats even the experts.” No matter what you’ve done elsewhere, the Thai market is not an easy one to tackle. Applying standard approaches from other markets will be fruitless in the Thai market. This is because Thais use their hearts more than their reasons. To put it simply, Thais operate by “win my heart, then we will talk.” This is the topic of today’s discussion. Feelings and building brands.

One continuous problem regarding Thai products is Thai people’s perception of the value of Thai products or brands. Not always, but often, Thais view Thai products as having less value than products from other countries. We cannot blame only the consumers, though. Behaviors such as copying, reselling, and criticism does not increase market value, but instead, downgrades fellow Thais. For that reason, it is not surprising that some Thai brands have chosen to initially market their brands abroad, so that Thais will perceive them as an international brand with higher value.

- Sretsis is a clothing brand by three women designers.
- THANN is a brand with 20 branches nationwide, located in 600 to 700 hotels worldwide.
- BOYY is a bag brand that sells the products in Colette mall in New York before it became popular worldwide.

These brands started to market internationally before returning to do marketing in Thailand.

In this age, with an excess of easy-to-access information, emotional marketing is crucial. Products or services are becoming more similar, and differentiation points will not be that distinctive. At the same time, companies are more aggressively marketing their products. Thus, the factor that will make the difference and make your brand stand out from others is emotional marketing. Emotional marketing will help you win consumers because people love your products and brand, even if the products are actually the same.


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