Dealing with Digital Disruption: How the coffee industry is using it to its advantage

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  • October 08, 2020
Dealing with Digital Disruption: How the coffee industry is using it to its advantage
How is the coffee industry taking advantage of digital disruption?

The rapid development of technology has made the term "digital disruption" more ubiquitous, but this disruption can do great things for many industries. For example, the coffee industry is using it to drive growth, it’s adopting technology to prevent the wave of digital disruption from washing away success.

We’re looking at how coffee businesses are expanding their footprint and growing in the digital era.

Data Collection:
In the coffee industry, technology is not only helpful within the coffee shop itself, but also outside. It is helping growers collect more detailed information on their crops by using apps like SCAPA which enable them to improve the quality of their coffee beans, plus fine-tune the entire cycle, from coffee bean to cup.

AI Barista:
Some people might believe that technology is taking away personal experiences and human interaction from businesses. However, Starbucks has shown that it doesn’t have to be the case. Their app, My Starbucks Barista, lets you order drinks with voice commands by speaking to a virtual barista, with the option to order via text if you prefer. This process imitates the order-at-the-counter experience but in a more convenient way, as it allows you to order in advance and collect later.

Robot Barista:
The coffee industry is one that has embraced automation. Cafe X, a Californian startup, has produced a robot barista to create flavorsome brews with high-tech precision and faster service. Orders can be placed by simply interacting with the machine through a tablet or the Mobile Cafe X software.

Despite the sometimes negative connotations of the term "digital disruption", it is in fact a positive force for coffee businesses that seek to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. As you can see, technology is being used throughout the entire coffee industry from farm to café, resulting in a better customer experience.


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