Empowering Artists and Innovators at LonelyPop: Lonely Together Exhibition

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  • October 12, 2023
Empowering Artists and Innovators at LonelyPop: Lonely Together Exhibition
In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, opportunities for innovation and creative expression are boundless. The collaboration between True Digital Park (TDPK) and Thai artist Noinah, celebrated through the LonelyPop: Lonely Together exhibition, shines a light on the thriving creative scene in Thailand. This article delves into the partnership between TDPK and Noinah and the significance of this event in fostering artistic and entrepreneurial growth.

Noinah is a seasoned artist with a career spanning over 20 years. He initially made a name for himself in the realm of comics and cartoons, drawing characters for Kaihuaror  magazine, but he has since transitioned seamlessly into the digital art medium. His journey from traditional paper to digital canvas showcases the adaptability of artists in the digital age. The LonelyPop: Lonely Together exhibition, held under TDPK's "One Roof, All Possibilities" banner, serves as a testament to the diverse and dynamic Thai art scene.

Dr. Tarit Nimmanwudhipong, the GM of True Digital Park, shares his vision for TDPK. He sees it as a hub for startups and artists, aiming to support their growth and foster connections with potential investors. In the year 2023, the intersection of art and technology is a focal point of discussion. Dr. Tarit considers it an era akin to a renaissance, where artistic skills can become a powerful catalyst for businesses. This renaissance extends to artists from all generations, with the transition from traditional to digital art becoming a significant theme.

True Digital Park's involvement goes beyond just offering physical space. They collaborate with organizations such as LG and Sasom, ensuring that artists are equipped with state-of-the-art digital screens and encouraging the promotion of collectibles and art pieces. This support is pivotal in enabling artists to not only exhibit their work but also to establish and run successful businesses in the digital art industry.


Noinah's transition from a well-known cartoon writer to a pop art creator illustrates the adaptability of artists in the digital realm. While the core essence of his work remains unchanged, digital art provides greater flexibility in terms of color choices and editing, empowering artists to reimagine their creative process.

The LonelyPop: Lonely Together exhibition is a testament to the globalization of art. Noinah's work has garnered interest from collectors worldwide, serving as a bridge between the digital and physical worlds. It fosters connections, promotes the appreciation of art, and transcends the boundaries that separate people and cultures.

In conclusion, the collaboration between TDPK and Noinah for the LonelyPop: Lonely Together exhibition exemplifies the power of digital technology in empowering artists and fostering artistic innovation. This initiative reflects a new era in the art industry, offering artists a platform to transform their creative passions into successful businesses. Moreover, it inspires a new generation of artists to embrace digital tools and pursue their artistic aspirations.

"LonelyPop: Lonely Together Exhibition" is the debut solo exhibition of the renowned Thai cartoonist, Noinah, featuring a combination of his digital art, paintings, and sculptures. The exhibition is free and is held on 2nd floor of True Digital Park West from Sep 30th – Nov 30th from 11.00-19.00.


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