Life starts here: Live, learn, work, play at True Digital Park

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  • May 07, 2023
Life starts here: Live, learn, work, play at True Digital Park
Imagine how wonderful it would be if you were able to live life in a place with all the facilities readied – live, learn, work, and play! True Digital Park’s Live, Learn, Work, Play concept is a framework that has been used to provide a comprehensive range of amenities for residents, employees, and visitors. 

Before moving on to ‘what do we have under Live, Learn, Work, Play concept’, let’s find out what is True Digital Park. 


What is True Digital Park?

True Digital Park (TDPK)  is Southeast Asia's largest tech and startup hub. It is designed under the concept of LIVE, LEARN, WORK, and PLAY to awaken the new generation to be ready for the future. 

The park is a critical driver for the development of the startup and innovation ecosystem in Thailand. All under one roof, startups, entrepreneurs, tech companies, investors, accelerators, incubators, academies, and government agencies co-exist in our interconnected ecosystem.


What is True Digital Park’s Live, Learn, Work, Play concept?

1. Live 

Discover your new favorite spots no matter a cafe, restaurant, or that quiet corner to chill out.  The spaces on 1F-3F of True Digital Park are a large lifestyle area with a variety of food options, salons, banks, and even a grocery store! Experience better future lifestyles with cashless payment, a good air system that improves air quality, and many more!

Register for True Digital Park members to get privileges! 

  • Get 1 point for every 25 baht spent. Collect points to exchange for discounts. 
  • Free WiFi & work anywhere in True Digital Park. 
  • Get a 10% off when renting a meeting room (this promotion is valid until 31st December 2023).  


2. Learn 

By having partnerships with many educational institutions, startups, and tech giants, True Digital Park House of Digital Academy offers a lot of courses in the fields related to technologies, digital, and innovation. This is a great opportunity for people to upskill/ reskill and find more connections through these sessions. Moreover, we have TK Park, a tranquil library for knowledge, which is free for everyone to enter. TK Park is located on 3F of True Digital Park West.


3. Work

Office space is located on 4F-16F on True Digital Park East and 4F- 12F on True Digital Park West for tech companies, startups, and other businesses that rely on digital technologies to innovate and grow. 

Not only the office but TDPK also offers co-working space! Any available seats in the co-working space area are for everyone. The co-working space on 6F-7F True Digital Park East is supported by free WiFi, a printer, coffee, and infused water. 

Additionally, there are spaces for rent such as meeting rooms, podcast studios, classrooms, and other event spaces which support entrepreneurship and collaboration. 

Special for True Digital Park members! Get 10% off the usual price for meeting room booking (this promotion is valid until 31st December 2023).  


4. Play 

True Digital Park provides a range of recreational facilities and activities that promote health and wellness. These include parks, 101 Jogging track, large gym, and playground areas. 

True Digital Park members get special offers at community events!


To wrap up, now that we know what ‘Live, Learn, Work, Play’ concept is, you may notice the benefits that come with True Digital Park membership. With this membership, you will be eligible to get many special offers from True Digital Park. Register for True Digital Park membership to Live, Learn, Work, and Play happily at True Digital Park!


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