True Digital Park: The Hub for International Startups in Thailand

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  • March 20, 2023
True Digital Park: The Hub for International Startups in Thailand
For startups, getting off the ground can be a challenging process. From finding the right resources to building a network, there are many obstacles that entrepreneurs must navigate to succeed. And for international startups looking to do business in Thailand, things can be even harder. As Southeast Asia’s largest tech and startup hub, True Digital Park provides a complete startup ecosystem as well as guidance and business services to help them overcome these obstacles.  

Why do international startups come to True Digital Park? 

  1. Startup Booster Program

True Digital Park Startup Booster Program is one of the flagship programs of True Digital Park. It is the only incubator program for international startups in Thailand, providing entrepreneurs with access to the resources and mentorship they need to scale their businesses. The 1-year program offers a range of services, including smart visa endorsement for non-Thai to live and work in Thailand, co-working space at True Digital Park and True Space, business advice, on-demand materials to help startup business succeed, business matching and networking events, and many opportunities to meet with VCs. 

  1. Largest tech and startup hub

True Digital Park is also the largest tech and startup hub in Southeast Asia, providing a complete ecosystem for entrepreneurs to find their next connection. Over 3,000 tech related companies and entities are in this ecosystem, making it an ideal place for international startups to network and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

  1. Spaces

One of the key features of True Digital Park is its flexible office and co-working spaces. For scaling startups, having access to affordable office space is essential, and True Digital Park provides a range of options to meet these needs. From private offices to hot desks, startups can choose the space that best suits their needs and budget. 

  1. Access to knowledge

In addition to office space, True Digital Park offers a range of upskilling and knowledge resources. True Digital Park House of Digital Academy provides courses and training programs designed to help entrepreneurs sharpen their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. The community events hosted by True Digital Park are also a great way for entrepreneurs to learn from industry experts and connect with other startups. 

Why international startup come to TDPK

That’s why international startups come to True Digital Park 

True Digital Park has created a supportive startup ecosystem that caters to the needs of international startups in Thailand. The comprehensive offerings of the Startup Booster Program, largest tech and startup hub, flexible office and co-working spaces, and knowledge resources provide entrepreneurs with everything they need to succeed. 

In conclusion, True Digital Park is the ultimate hub for international startups in Thailand. From resources and mentorship to networking opportunities and knowledge sharing, the ecosystem provides a complete solution for entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses. If you're an international startup looking to expand in Southeast Asia, True Digital Park is the place to be. 


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