Everything You Need to Know About Co-working Spaces

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  • November 01, 2022
Everything You Need to Know About Co-working Spaces
One of the workplace trends that reflects today's people's need for more freedom at work is co-working spaces. Since what is a co-working place and why do people enjoy working, I'm curious. includes information that you might not be aware of.

With a growing number of startups launching over the past few years, a new generation is looking for alternative places to work together that aren’t offices, preferably near their home or in the city center. This has led to the creation of co-working spaces, which continue to rise in popularity as they fill the need for the flexible lifestyle that people are looking for.

In this article, we’ll explore and answer your most pressing questions about co-working spaces, from what they are to why people like to work in them, while uncovering other details that you may not have known before.


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What is a co-working space?


A co-working space is a place where anyone can come and work. In a co-working space, the facilities are similar to those in a traditional office, from the office supplies to the desks, chairs, and meeting rooms to even the snacks and drinks. This meets the lifestyle of modern people who prefer convenience, flexibility, and independence.

Co-working spaces typically charge daily, monthly, or annually, depending on the package you choose. There are also different layouts for different types of workers, including ones for people who prefer something as close as possible to a real office to get serious work done and ones for those who prefer a more casual atmosphere with food and beverages while they work.


Four reasons why people prefer working at co-working spaces


If you’ve never worked at a co-working space, you may wonder why so many people, and especially young people, are drawn to them. You may also wonder whether it’s even possible to just sit and read, work, or have serious meetings at co-working spaces. In this section, we’ll look at why co-working spaces have become so popular.


Convenient locations

If you look closely, you'll notice that co-working spaces are often located on prime real estate, both in business districts with a high density of offices and in areas where students gather. One of the highlights of most co-working spaces is their proximity to public transportation, which allows for easy access and convenience for people while also reducing costs.


Complete facilities

Everyone wants to work in a stylish, modern office with all the amenities. Many co-working spaces offer both private and shared desks; meeting rooms with projector screens, TV screens, and whiteboards; and a full range of peripherals. In addition, there are often common areas with tables and chairs for taking breaks to relax. Some co-working spaces even have ping-pong and pool tables. There is also usually a space that offers food, with coffee machines, snacks, and drinking water available.


Networking opportunities

As the name suggests, a co-working space is one that allows everyone to come and work. As a result, people from a variety of circles and professions come together, from those who are just starting their careers to top industry experts. Co-working spaces allow everyone the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas, build business connections, and more.


Cost savings

In this era where things are becoming more expensive and businesses are having to pay more attention to their spending, co-working spaces have become a cost-saving solution. Many start-ups and small businesses are starting to rent co-working spaces for their employees, since renting a space is much cheaper than renting a traditional office. Co-working spaces allow businesses to save money without having to sacrifice an effective working atmosphere while still maintaining flexibility, as some co-working spaces are even open 24 hours a day.


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Who are co-working spaces suitable for? What are their limitations?


Although anyone can work in a co-working space, what groups of people are these spaces specifically designed for? And what, if any, are the limitations of joining a co-working space compared to working in a traditional office?



Self-employed people, or freelancers, don’t have a fixed workplace. Sometimes, when they’re bored with working from home, they’ll sit in co-working spaces to come up with ideas or talk and exchange ideas. And at co-working spaces, they can also look for additional business opportunities.


Office workers

Full-time employees are among the biggest groups of people who enjoy working in co-working spaces for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a change of atmosphere, while others prefer working in a more colorful environment full of new people while still having the facilities they need to get their job done. Co-working spaces are a great option for them, as they allow them to work and de-stress at the same time.


New business owners & startups

New business owners and start-ups often look for co-working spaces to be able to properly sit down and meet with their employees instead of having to rent out expensive offices. Co-working spaces allow new business owners and startup owners to cut costs while still getting access to all the necessary amenities. They offer convenience without the need for maintenance and other costs.


The limitations of co-working spaces


Despite the advantages of co-working spaces, they also have their limitations. In this section, we’ll examine the limitations or disadvantages of co-working spaces to help you decide whether they’re the right fit for you.


Noise distractions

Co-working spaces are places where a lot of people come to work, so there are inevitably distractions, from people having conversations to the sounds of printers or coffee machines. If you’re someone who needs complete silence to work, going to a co-working space may not be the right choice for you.


Additional hidden costs

As mentioned, one of the main reasons startups choose to use co-working spaces for their employees is because they can save on office rent and utilities. However, one of the hidden costs of co-working spaces is paying extra for private meeting rooms. In co-working spaces, you’ll often be charged by the hour when you use facilities like meeting rooms, which can add up. 


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Co-working spaces at True Digital Park, a workspace that inspires everyone


After reading about co-working spaces, their origins, why people like them, the main groups of people who benefit from them, and even the limitations of co-working spaces, you may wonder where you can find a good one.

True Digital Park offers a co-working space in the heart of Sukhumvit, Punnawithi, that’s modern and has a motivating atmosphere that inspires creativity. This is definitely a unique digital workspace in Bangkok.

True Digital Park Co-working Space members receive many privileges, including access to:


  • Ergonomic Herman Miller chairs
  • Meeting room booking credits
  • Upskill courses, workshops, talks, business activities, and more
  • A relaxation area with a pool table, ping pong tables, and game cabinets
  • Exclusive parties
  • Beverages like tea, coffee and more
  • A chance to meet with VCs
  • Giveaways from TDPK and partners
  • High-speed internet


If you’re interested in receiving these privileges, sign up for a co-working space membership via the link or apply directly at our community counter on the 6th floor of True Digital Park.



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