TDPK collaborates with 30+ tech giants to offer digital courses under House of Digital Academy

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  • July 01, 2022
TDPK collaborates with 30+ tech giants to offer digital courses under House of Digital Academy
Nowadays, digital skills are in high demand in the market. Many people wishing to have a higher salary must go and take some digital courses. True Digital Park (TDPK), as Southeast Asia’s largest tech and startup hub, recognizes the importance of developing digital skills. And for almost 2 years TDPK has collaborated with partners of giant tech companies to offer courses under “True Digital Park House of Digital Academy” for anyone who is interested.

In 2022, True Digital Park House of Digital Academy has more partners from large tech companies who offer their expertise in their field to teach the general public. So far we have partnered with more than 30 companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, Thai Programmer Association, Witsawa, Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation (Thailand), Alibaba Cloud, Tellscore, True Digital Academy, Google, Bit.Studio, Everyday Marketing, Adaptivity, Chula MOOC (Achieve+), SHIFT, Tiktok for Business, Bitkub, SCB Academy, Live (e-learning) - SET, Xprenia, Tockto, StashAway, Content Shifu, Krungsri Finnovate, Digital Technology Entrepreneur Trade Association, Seek One Group, SIMPLI FINANCE LAB, Hummingbirds Consultation, Mission to the Moon, Drone Vidya, Way Maker, GetLinks and many more.

True Digital Park House of Digital Academy is the only place in Thailand that offers all learning opportunities with courses to enhance knowledge and digital skills. This place gives everyone the opportunity to learn in-depth knowledge of various digital technologies such as software, programming using digital tools, basic business techniques, digital marketing, and a variety of digital skills that can be applied in work and business. TDPK aims to prepare digital personnel for the future labor market in the new economic era.


After the whole world faced with COVID-19, House of Digital Academy's courses had to be converted to online courses. This year, we will start bringing some courses to True Digital Park so that instructors and learners have the opportunity to fully exchange opinions. But don't worry. For those who still want to study online, we also have courses that are both live online and on-demand (study anytime) for everyone to learn.


For those who are interested, you can see the course details. Class schedule, registration or more information at


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