5 Reasons why EV is best option for those looking for new car (even if you have to wait)

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  • June 20, 2022
5 Reasons why EV is best option for those looking for new car (even if you have to wait)
In the midst of the skyrocketing oil price, everyone wants to switch to a 100% electric vehicle, or what we call an EV. But for people in Thailand, acquiring an electric car is very difficult after many car companies stop taking car bookings. Many people who want to change a new car may have gone back and consider buying a conventional petrol car, but we would like to ask you to stop right there!!!

For this article, we will give reasons as to why your new car has to be an EV, even if you have to wait a while longer.

Reasons why your new car has to be an electric vehicle

1. Environment

Of course, everyone wants to save the world, to have fresh air to breath, to have good environment, and live a long life. Electric cars are much more environmentally friendly than petrol cars. Some people may have come out and claim that using electric cars may be more polluting than conventional gasoline cars because the electricity generation also creates pollution. We'd like to say that the statement came with no real information. In fact, the production of oil requires electricity to be pumped from the ground or deep under the ocean, which requires shipment or oil pipelines to transport. The process greatly pollutes the world, not to mention oil leakages we see in the news every year. In addition, the crude oil must also be refined and then transported with trucks or oil pipes to gas stations. The stations use more energy to pump gas before putting it in our cars, which eventually burn more fuel as we drive. The fuel production path can be seen as a dirty process from start to finish. It produces enormous amount of pollution.

If compared to the use of electric vehicles, as you can see, there's no need to pump oil from the ground, less transportation, no international shipping, no refinery; the electricity is sent straight to you to charge. Of course, although electricity may be produced from burning coal, but, overall, it's much less harmful to the world than oil production. And, of course, we have clean energy alternatives such as solar power, wind energy, hydropower, etc., which will make the production of electricity clean from the start to finish.


2. Energy costs

An electric car costs about 0.5-1 baht / 1 kilometer, if fully charged. For example, charging at home for 8 hours will cost about 237 baht for electricity and the car can run 400 kilometers. So it’s about 0.59 baht / 1 kilometer.

Meanwhile a petrol car costs 3-4 baht / 1 kilometer, compared to an average of 1 liter of petrol (gasohol 95 is 47 baht) and can run a distance of 15 kilometers per liter. That means there is a cost of 3.13 baht/km.


3. Car price

On June 8, the Government Gazette announced the ministerial regulations to reduce the tax on EVs that have entered the government program. "Excise tax" is only 2% from the usual 8%, causing the price of electric cars to plummet by hundreds of thousands of baht. Please go and check the price from each car brand yourself.


4. Long term value

Electric cars have fewer parts; therefore, they can be repaired quickly and save more cost. Petrol cars, on the other hand, use more spare parts and the engine is complicated. When there is a problem, it will cost more.

In addition, with the world trend gearing toward electric cars, if you use the car for 5 years or 10 years and think you want to sell it, the electric car will sell for a higher price. Think about it. If you buy a new gas car now and want to sell it 10 years from now. But gas stations in the next 10 years may be converted to electric power stations and everyone is using electric cars. Your gas car will be sold for a very low price.


5. Feelings when driving

Electric cars are known to be so quiet that it's hard to know if the engine is on or not, so no noise disturbance to your neighbors. The acceleration of electric cars is also faster, plus less jerking than oil-driven cars.


And here are the top 5 reasons to buy an EV for people who are about to buy a new car. Let's be patient and just wait. An EV car is worth it!


Source: Welldone Guarantee

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