Get some insights from veteran startup JoeZ, Co-founder of Seekster

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  • August 02, 2021
Get some insights from veteran startup JoeZ, Co-founder of Seekster
Many college students must have been asked “what are you going to do after graduating?” Many would say get a full-time job or help with the family business, isn’t it? However, there are some people who are interested in startups. One of them has succeeded in setting up a business as a cleaning service aggregation platform.

On 13 July 2021, True Digital Park organized an online talk called TDPK TALK : Startup Story EP.11 "Startup journey and the fast paced world" with Chatchanart Charanwattanakit or JoeZ, Co-Founder and CMO of Seekster to talk about the history of Seekster and business advice in the Covid-19 situation. 


The beginning of Seekster started when JoeZ met Sahib Anandsongvit (CEO of Seekster) at an internship program in 2015, and then Sahib persuaded him to start a business together. At the first attempt, Seekster was meant to be a website for all services such as cleaning people, handymen, photographers, or even tutors. 


However, it was not as successful as it should be because Seekster does not have a clear vision about what service they should focus on. After that, they noticed that the customers were most interested in the cleaning service. Therefore, they came up with more ideas by choosing good and reliable housekeepers to serve customers. Seekster later became well-known as a business platform that brings reliable service of cleaning crew and handymen together.


After being successful for a while, Seekster didn’t stop improving themselves and continued to build on what they have expertise and created other businesses for the users which are Workforce, a ready to use platform that provides technology, operation, and marketing services to business and government, and Seektown, a community management system for management of markets, department stores, community malls, and rental spaces.


During the Covid-19 outbreak, Seekster has encountered serious problems, just like everyone else in business. They decided to shift from the usual B2C service to a new version of B2B to help them get through the crisis, such as a screening for vaccinated cleaning people, disinfectant service, big cleaning service for offices, and providing on-site Covid testing. 


As we can see, Seekster did not only change their business and adapt quickly, but also expand their business in other areas. JoeZ also suggests to people who want to be a startup that in starting a business, remember that “Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. We have to know our target first, then expand the market further, if there is no clarity, it can cause confusion”. He also encourages people to have basic digital literacy skills because it is very essential in today's world.



Startup Story, an event from True Digital Park organized to prepare young entrepreneurs for the digital world by upskilling and reskilling and understanding in business.


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