Reducing the crowds at vaccine units, Thai startup “QueQ” works quickly to implement queuing system

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  • July 21, 2021
Reducing the crowds at vaccine units, Thai startup “QueQ” works quickly to implement queuing system
At this moment, one of the most important things that Thai people want is the ‘Covid-19 vaccine’. Some people have already been vaccinated at one of the government-provided locations. However, the common problem that can increase the risk of infection is the crowded vaccine waiting queues. Therefore, a reservation application called ‘QueQ’ has reached out to the government vaccination units to resolve and mitigate the problem.

The True Digital Park team had the opportunity to interview Joh, Rungsun Promprasith, CEO and Co-founder of QueQ, Thailand’s top startup company that implements a queuing management system. Here are some interesting points about managing the queues for vaccination units at True Digital Park and many others throughout Thailand as well as the startup situation during the Covid crisis.

In June 2021, QueQ has applied its platform of the queuing system at various vaccination units, expanding cooperation with vaccination units such as True Digital Park and those in other provinces. The startup has been assisting various vaccination locations such as Chulalongkorn University, ICONSIAM, Asiatique, Srithanya Hospital, NIDA, and Pattaya whereby people who are on the whitelists can book the vaccination date and time through QueQ platform. This system eliminates wait time for the people who generally like to come early in the morning and around noon to pick their paper queues and wait for several hours on location in crowded space.

Joh said that helping True Digital Park setting up the vaccine queuing system resulted in a good performance because TDPK is a model for vaccine units that work with the main system called “Thai Ruamjai'' and use QueQ platform to help reduce congestion when vaccine recipients reach the vaccination unit. The installation stage at TDPK was very quick and the system is useful for QueQ to adapt to other places.

In the future, the QueQ CEO plans to improve the queuing system to use fewer staff and be able to apply in more business areas. When the national park opens, the QueQ team is preparing to make a reservation system to reduce overcrowding, as well as to check if visitors have been vaccinated before entering the parks. Moreover, QueQ is in the process of discussing with related parties on managing queues and eligibility of people entering Andaman and Chiang Mai Sandboxes. The company is also in negotiation with Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) on a digital vaccine passport or a vaccine authentication system.

Overall, QueQ now has a group of customers as corporate companies, banks, restaurants, event organizers that helps develop queuing management services. The startup has already deployed its system to 50 hospitals, hoping to change the traditional way that people have to wait in the queue for long periods of time. In the meantime, it is also looking to implement additional features such as e-KYC (electronic know-your-customer), electronic authentication, NDID (National Digital ID) for mobile banking and vaccine passport. 

As Covid-19 pandemic has affected restaurant business, QueQ also has to reduce the cost and find alternative market channels, jumping to other businesses, and become an SME instead of a startup because VCs are reducing their funds, making it difficult for startups to find investments. When asked what have QueQ prepared for when Covid-19 pandemic ends, Joh believes that in the future, there will be startups who compete with his company’s legacy system and corporate will definitely turn to the same market. Therefore, QueQ has been upskilling his team to stay ahead in the competition.

In the end, Joh advised other entrepreneurs that beside knowledge and digital ideas, soft skills are also important for the members in the company such as soft skills for managing and understanding people. He said we must keep up with the behaviors of people because they change every day. Some may not understand the new technology we introduce to them; therefore, we have to use the soft skills to find ways to educate them about the new tech. 


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