5 Positive impacts from COVID-19

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  • June 26, 2020
5 Positive impacts from COVID-19
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world’s economy, health and the lives of people is enormous.

We can see that many people have lost their jobs and that a majority number of people have died due to this virus. However, if we look at another facet of this pandemic, there are some major changes in terms of society and environment as well.


1. The Recovery of Nature
COVID-19 has had both positive and negative effects on nature. However, it cannot be denied that when people are in lockdown and cannot go traveling to natural tourist spots, nature has bounced back like we never expected. In Trang, Thailand, it has been reported from the Marine National Park that they found a group of manatees and that is a result of the decrease in tourist boats and an increase of biodiversity.

2. Air Pollution Reduction
The lockdown and social distancing measures have led to an increase in air quality, especially in a big city like Bangkok. Since people work from home and stay at home more, this means that the use of cars and traffic congestion have decreased.

3. Preparing for Future Pandemics
The COVID-19 pandemic is an infectious disease that we have never experienced before. During this crisis, people changed significantly and learned to adapt. We can see that people have changed their lifestyle and many businesses and medical profession have adapted to COVID-19. We’ll never know whether we will face this kind of pandemic again in the future, but at least we have learned lessons from the COVID-19 crisis and that these lessons will enable us to better cope with a future pandemic.

4. People Become More Hygienic
Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, being hygenic is crucial for good health and wellness. After the outbreak of COVID-19, people have maintained better personal hygiene habits, including frequent hand washing, wearing masks, as well as cleaning and disinfecting their personal and public spaces more often.

5. People Develop the Culture of Sharing
On one hand, millions of jobs have been lost during this crisis. On the other hand, we also saw the kindness of fellow humans. In Thai society and many societies around the world, those who are less unfortunate have helped those who are in need with fundraising and food sharing. In Thailand and some countries, they have set up food sharing pantries across the country which is a true testimony of human kindness and the development of the culture of sharing.


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