How workplace environment affect performance and success

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  • July 05, 2021
How workplace environment affect performance and success
For the majority of people, we have to work 5 days a week. And we spend many hours a day working. Thus, the workplace is a vital part of life because we have to spend most of our waking time in the office like our second home. Therefore, it is undeniable that a good working environment is an important factor to help employees create productivity and efficient work.


Workplaces have a direct impact on employees' performance in a huge way. A creative environment helps contribute to making the employees and organizations more progressive. Article from talks about the impact of the workplace environment on work performance. It mentions that if the environment is attractive and comfortable, it will bring positive energy among employees, who in turn will produce good productivity and success. On the contrary, unfavorable workplaces can decrease employee performance and also cause stress at work.


The article said that the physical environment, such as a comfortable working environment, cleanliness, working/ desk area, and an informal meeting area, is undoubtedly one of two factors that are important for employees’ health and well-being.


Therefore, we can see that offices are increasingly adapted to match people's working lifestyles in the last few years. A good workplace should be in a good location and provide green space, relaxation space, learning space, and a variety of foods and restaurants to choose from. These will encourage a better work-life balance for employees’ and make them happier.


To support the role of Southeast Asia’s largest tech and startup hub, True Digital Park (TDPK) offers office and co-working spaces for all tech entrepreneurs and startups.

True Digital Park is currently developing a new project (Phase 2), located near the first project in the heart of Bangkok CyberTech District, on Sukhumvit Road, directly linked to the Punnawithi BTS Station.


To continue driving the tech and startup community, the campus has been designed under the concept of LIVE, LEARN and WORK, awakening the new generation to be ready for the future. 


This area is well equipped with a wide range of facilities suitable for digital worklife. This place is also surrounded by tech businesses and startups, giving everyone the opportunity to be part of this digital ecosystem that supports the creativities of digital and tech enthusiasts.


Building Highlights

  • Directly linked to the Punnawithi BTS Station
  • 45,000 square meters of the whole project area
  • 12-storey building with 9 levels for office spaces and 3 levels for retail spaces
  • Restaurant and cafe area
  • License plate reader system and face recognition system
  • Free Member WiFi access
  • Common area for activities and exercise
  • Co-sharing space, amphitheater, digital library, and meeting room
  • Applying for WELL-Gold CertificationTM and TREES CertificationTM (Thai’s Rating of Energy and Environmental Sustainability)
  • The Whizdom 101 condominium located at the back of the project


More details about True Digital Park’s new development:


For office leasing please contact Sole Agent CBRE Tel: 02 119 2715 or 089 939 6596


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