TDPK Startup Booster Program

TDPK Startup Booster Program by True Digital Park provides startups and entrepreneurs knowledge needed to drive their business capabilities as well as connections with top mentors and business experts provided by True Digital Park and our partners. 

A program with smart visa endorsement

For foreigners joining TDPK Startup Booster Program, you can also get an endorsement letter and assistance from us to apply for your smart visa.

Each month, you will join a variety of talks, mentoring sessions, networking events, lifestyle events as part of the program. You will get monthly performance reviews from TDPK team to help you optimize your business strategies and every 2 months you will also get a chance to meet with leading VC(s) for 1-on-1 mentorship, which could lead to funding or other business opportunities. TDPK also provides opportunities for startups to pitch and showcase their ideas / products / services. (Please note that due to COVID-19 pandemic, some of the events may be held online.)

TDPK Startup Booster Program is conducted in English. This program was initiated in 2020, back then it was named “TDPK Startup Camp Program.”

Each batch starts every beginning of the month with duration of 12 months​.

Program price is 90,000 baht/year.


Who is it for?

- Startup or people with ideas for business in Thailand

- Someone who is open for loads of business mentorship, suggestions, new strategies, new skills, and much more!

- Your business helps develop Thailand

- Your business is within targeted business industries (please see below)


Targeted industries

Your business must be within targeted business industries: 1. Affluent, medical, and wellness tourism 2. Agriculture and biotechnology 3. Alternative dispute resolution 4. Automation and robotics 5. Aviation and logistics 6. Biofuels and biochemicals 7. Digital 8. Environmental Management and renewable energy 9. Food for the future 10. Human resource development in science and technology 11. Medical Hub 12. Next generation automotive 13. Smart electronics

What will I get?

What will I get? Space - Hot desk in True Digital Park co-working space, 6F & 7F of Pegasus building. Members are granted with limited tokens for meeting room usage per month. Knowledge - Impactful classes are designed to motivate and provide startups with the necessary skills to get them through the journey. You will get to learn things like lean startup approach, preventing co-founder conflict, digital marketing, market validation and customer obsession, UX/UI, accounting for startup, Thai startup law/legal documents, term sheet, valuation and negotiation skills, pitching and presentation. Funding Opportunity – You will get many chances to meet with VCs, investors, tech giants, business experts, startups, and individual in the Southeast Asian startup ecosystem and beyond through events like TDPK Let’s Talk to the VCs, The Guru Guide, and more. Community – Get full support by TDPK team and its partners to help boost your startup. You will also be part of community of founders and like-minded individuals.

When can I join?

TDPK Startup Booster Program start every first working day of the month. If you wish to acquire a smart visa endorsement, please apply about 1 month in advance as the smart visa may take 3-6 weeks to process.

*If your experience a delay in smart visa approval, TDPK can delay your program start date to coincide with your visa.

How to join?
  1. Submit your documents for pre-screening to our team at including:
  • Complete application form:
  • Business plan/pitch deck consisting of:
    • 1-Page executive summary
    • Company Background
    • Mission & Vision
    • Management Team
    • Product/Service
    • Technology and innovation applied
    • Industry description/competition/ trends
    • Marketing & sales strategy
    • Financial plan/ exit strategy/ funds required
    • Revenue model
    • Growth strategy
    • Thailand’s benefits
  • Copy of valid passport for non-Thai residents or ID card for Thai nationals.
  • (For non-Thai only) Proof of health insurance covering entire stay in Thailand with coverage for in-patient and out-patient treatments of ≥ 500,000 baht. *Health insurance can be purchased additionally with True Digital Park's partners.
  • (Additional requirement for smart visa application) Proof of ≥ 600,000-baht deposit in a bank account in Thailand or country of your nationality for at least 3 months​.
  1. Once TDPK team approve your qualification, you can choose the program option
  2. Make payment
  3. For smart visa, TDPK team will issue endorsement letter in 3-7 working days.
  4. For smart visa, you will have to apply by yourself. TDPK team will assist you with documents and process.
  5. Start your TDPK Startup Booster Program
10% off special promo!

Let’s build the community, TDPK is offering 10% off for a friend who’s been referred to join TDPK Startup Booster Program ​

Remarks: ​

  • This offer is eligible for startup who has been recommended to the program by applicants of TDPK Startup Camp 2020, TDPK’s partners, District C, Tenants of True Digital Park, True Corporation and CP Group. ​
  • Referral e-mail must be written to TDPK Startup Booster Program committee as a prove of correlation.
  • TDPK reserves the right to refuse refund if you do not start the program within 2 months after payment. ​
  • Referrer will get 100 tokens to book meeting rooms at TDPK for every 1-person recommended​. Tokens will be topped up to referrer once the candidate started the program. ​



If you have any questions, please contact