06 Feb 2020

BANGKOK, 5 February 2020 - Depa, Krung Thai Bank, GAX, Social Lab, KMITL Research and Innovation Services (KRIS) and alliances has co-organized “Thailand Pavilion Alumni Experience Sharing and Demo Day,” showcasing the innovations of 7 leading Thai startups that have participated in the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 2020. It was the first time that Thailand sent technology and software innovation under the concept of “Made in Thailand” to the global stage for innovation in Las Vegas. The 7 startup representatives came back to tell us about their participation. It has been a good starting point for Thai startups to share knowledge in tech to the global stage.

Here are the 7 Thai startups:

  1. HG Robotics: Developer of insecticide spray drones
  2. Obodroid Corperation: Producer of home/building security robot
  3. Lumio 3D: The only Thai startup who develops high resolution 3D scanners that can scan metal, plastic and glass
  4. Petaneer: Startup with innovation for pets such as adjustable wheelchair for disabled animals
  5. D-N-A-Coding: Producer of food allergies testing tool that use only your hair to identify your food allergy
  6. Panacura: Startup with AKI Rapid Test Strip that checks your kidney and helps prevent acute renal failure
  7. ZaneGrowth: Company that offers Aiderycare smart living solution platform for elderly and patients

This event is one of many events happening in True Digital Park—Southeast Asian’s largest startup ecosystem.

For more pictures, please go to True Digital Park Facebook Page

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