Bangkok CyberTech District

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  • February 05, 2020
Bangkok CyberTech District

The Exciting CyberTech District of Punnawithi, Bangkok

A CyberTech District is Emerging in Bangkok

The tech community of Thailand is growing in leaps and bounds due to the significant input and help from the government and the private business sector of Thailand. Two organisations, in particular, are making a major impact on the success rates of startups in the tech community in Punnawithi, Bangkok.

True Corporation, in partnership with the National Innovation Agency (NIA), has endeavoured to facilitate the emergence of a holistic Bangkok CyberTech District. This Bangkok CyberTech District is providing the tech community with the perfect work environment to realise their goals and dreams.

Encompassing Punnawithi, Bangkok along the Sukhumvit Line of the BTS Skytrain, this “Punnawithi District” will help drive the digital economy that is crucial to the success of Thailand 4.0. The Punnawithi District will include True Digital Park and the surrounding neighbourhood of businesses and residential areas. True has wisely identified a series of facets that together become the ideal workspace and environment. In methodically implanting these facets in a holistic fashion to nurture and encourage startups in the tech community of Thailand, they have increased the success rate for these pioneers of the future economy of the country.


An interconnected ecosystem that provides entrepreneurs and startups with all the resources they require in knowledge, partnerships, funding, business benefits, is the primary goal of True Digital Park, located in the heart of the Bangkok CyberTech District.

By creating a modern, physical space where residents can share their work, knowledge and have a multitude of networking opportunities, the Bangkok CyberTech District provides startups with more avenues to success than cloistering themselves in a private workspace away from the stimuli that inspire greater ideas.

The interconnected workspace helps startups connect with the right people with which to form a partnership. It also allows startups greater access to sources of funding and knowledgeable people who can successfully steer them towards the government’s business benefits.

This interconnected workspace also provides startups with all the benefits and necessities of an office environment, but only when they need them. Conference rooms, presentation equipment, copiers and other office needs don’t have to be a part of a startup's overhead finances. The Bangkok CyberTech District offers them as part of the district's resources to be used whenever the startup needs them.

This makes the startup more dynamic and fluid in their day to day operations. They can focus their financial resources on areas that can directly contribute to their success.

Infrastructure and Space

True is foremost, a communications company. For many years they have offered cable TV, internet and telecommunication services to the residents of Thailand. They have been the first company in Thailand to complete and test a 5G internet and telecommunications network.

This network will be a central component of the CyberTech District in Punnawithi, Bangkok, providing increased upload and download speeds for data. The 5G architecture is the latest in both wired and wireless communications technology and offers a robust support structure for a variety of applications.

Creator spaces and expensive lab facilities are also available to cash-strapped startups. These spaces and lab provide the startup with the opportunity of testing their ideas and creations and receive valuable public feedback, as well as educating the public about their startup.

This enables the world-class workspaces and event spaces within the Bangkok CyberTech District to be more dynamic in purpose and offer more sharing and networking possibilities.

Knowledge Resources

The advanced capabilities the startup enjoys when they base themselves in an environment that offers all the help and resources they need is another asset of True Digital Park business model.

Leading the Bangkok CyberTech District in knowledge resources, True Digital Park provides an ongoing series of events to increase the skills and knowledge of startup members. Ways to find funding, talks on the latest emerging technologies and advanced digital skills workshops are just some of the topics on offer.

When a tech problem arises that hinders the startup’s ability to advance to the next level, TDPK provides the resources and networking capabilities to work through the problem using the knowledge and abilities of other surrounding tech companies in the CyberTech District of Punnawithi, Bangkok.

Problems are solved more elegantly and quickly. Opportunities are often realised by the networking capabilities that prove to be beneficial to the startup as well.

Work - Life Balance

The CyberTech District of Punnawithi, Bangkok, also offers a community lifestyle that enjoys all the benefits of the technology the residents help create. As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality of everyday life, the Bangkok CyberTech District embraces all the benefits that this branch of technology offers. Robotic technology is increasingly performing mundane tasks. The Bangkok CyberTech District welcomes this technology to make its community member's lives easier.

And as society is more accepting of the idea of going cashless and paying for items using their phones, the Bangkok CyberTech District offers more stores, cafés and lunch places that feature the ability to utilise these new cashless transfer models as well.

This smart lifestyle is also ecologically conscious and has the health and well-being of its members as a priority. By including green spaces and gardens in the Bangkok CyberTech District, it is conveying the message that a balance of work and outside life is vital in achieving a healthy total lifestyle.

By taking advantage of the fitness facilities in the CyberTech District of Punnawithi, Bangkok, members of the tech community can keep their bodies functioning at a peak level. And this also helps their minds to perform at the peak of their abilities.

There are many healthy and delicious restaurants and cafes in the Bangkok CyberTech District as well. These food outlets play a vital role in increasing the connection between the pleasurable aspects of the work and life balance.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also better enables the members of the community to succeed in their careers. A healthier lifestyle translates to an increase in mental acuity and a more creative outlook.

The Punnawithi District Offers a Convenient Location

The more convenient the location, the better the chance of the Bangkok CyberTech District succeeding in its mission. By locating the Bangkok CyberTech District in the capital city of Bangkok, the startups gain the benefits of access to government and private business sector assistance without having to travel far. They can connect on a personal level and establish the relationships they need to further their goals and dreams.

By establishing the CyberTech District in the Punnawithi area of Bangkok, which enjoys the convenient public transportation of the BTS Skytrain, the Bangkok CyberTech District becomes an open community that welcomes all technologically-motivated entrepreneurs, startups and individuals. It also moves Thailand a step closer to realising the benefits to the economy of Thailand 4.0. By establishing a community devoted to technology, the country has opened its doors to new ideas and innovations from young entrepreneurs that can contribute to the technology revolution in Thailand.


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