Sports marketing

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  • February 28, 2019
Sports marketing
Being an athlete is one of many people’s dream jobs because it offers plenty of money, although it requires a lot of committed training and physical hardship.

On the day that a football player is valued as high as 200 million pounds, a famous player like Neymar is therefore considered a formula of success for many clubs. If you are able to turn a talented player into an industry star, your club may become a millionaire overnight. For that reason, the role of many clubs is to develop their athletes in many areas, from skills to image. If they are able to make their athletes perfect in all aspects, they will be able to attract the interests of other clubs that may eventually headhunt their players.

What does a club get from buying a player from another club? Once a club invests in an athlete, it will also get the chance to do more marketing. Take Footballer Paul Pogba as an example, although he was bought at almost 90 million pounds, within 3 weeks the club was able to sell his T-shirt for up to 190 million pounds! It was most definitely worth the investment. Or, if a Thai club was to buy a player from China, Chinese fans would then splash out on traveling all the way to Thailand to see their favorite player or buy merchandises, how much profit do you think the club will get?

Cash rewards from matches

For important tournaments, apart from glossy trophies for the winners, the cash prizes are also considered substantial enough to be worth all the exhaustion. For instance, in world-class golf tournaments such as the U.S. Open, the cash awards for winners are very attractive to the participants. However, not everyone could reach that point of success because it would demand a lot of requirements, from a strong set of skills to rigorous training. Most importantly, golf is a sport that calls for high concentration and never-ending competition with oneself. Nevertheless, if a golfer is able to win something, it would be worth all the sweat as in 2017 the prizes in the tournament were together valued at 12 million US dollars.

This is only one way of how athletes across the world make money.


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