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  • August 29, 2020
Knowledge is Power | True Digital Park
Experience the power that knowledge provides. TDPK offers seminars, workshops and events that provide theeducation to make your startup a success.

Knowledge is Power at True Digital Park

There are plenty of office spaces and co-working spaces springing up all over Bangkok. But True Digital Park (TDPK) offers much more than desks, four walls and an internet connection.

TDPK is a community of technologically-minded entrepreneurs, technicians and creative people who want to know as much as possible to turn their bright ideas into a successful business venture. What the TDPK community provides is a community based on lifelong learning as a path to success.

Business school can teach you many things, but once you graduate from school, you're on your own unless you spend a lot of time and energy to continue your education. Unless you're diligent in pursuing the necessary further education you need, you're in danger of becoming stagnant in your ideas and ability to adapt to growth and changes in your business environment.

Renting an office or co-working space at TDPK brings this vital education to you. We offer a continuous series of educational programmes and events that nurture the thirst for learning in every person striving to become a success.

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Complete Range of Educational Events

TDPK understands that the tech community encompasses a wide range of disciplines that require solid education to be adequately prepared for and addressed. This is why we offer a continuous variety of seminars, interactive workshops, lectures, meetings with VCs, and networking events.

We want you to succeed in your startup venture to bring the country closer to achieving Thailand 4.0 and making the world’s business and technology leaders sit up and take notice. The way we’ve chosen to do this is through providing a technology and business education that covers all the bases of the things you’ll need to know to negotiate a path to success.

Our interactive workshops provide you with real-world examples of technological, leadership and business issues that have the attendees rolling up their sleeves and working collaboratively to figure out the best solution.

Our lectures and seminars provide a structured education into all the business facets that will add to your increasingly complete wealth of knowledge. They’ll teach subjects including how to expand your business into Thailand, negotiating with VCs, and basic tax and accounting for entrepreneurs.

We also host regular networking events that provide the opportunity to meet prominent members of, and investors in, the tech community of Thailand. These events allow you to pick the brains of Thailand’s technology leaders and find out their secrets to success.

But some of our most popular and well-attended events are our TDPK Talks. These informal events are happening all the time in the TDPK ecosystem, both online and in person. They cover a wide range of skills and facets of business that every tech-minded person should have a working knowledge of to stay ahead of the curve.

They may cover career trends, how to market your products globally on a specific online platform, different software you can use to streamline your work processes, and the best methods of social media marketing, to name just a few of the topics.


Supporting the Tech Community

The variety, frequency and the sheer number of events happening within the TDPK community are all designed to offer our members with educational opportunities regardless of the development level of their startups. We offer beginner’s events all the way up to advanced technology events to take care of the immediate and future needs of our tech community. 

By taking advantage of the events we offer, our community members can shape their education, so they provide a better contribution to their own ventures and add to their chances of success.

By providing the power of knowledge on an ongoing basis, we also underline the concept of lifelong learning as a crucial facet of business success. The world is continuously changing as new technologies emerge and better business practices become accepted.

By maintaining a habit of lifelong learning, we are preparing our members to succeed far into their futures. They will be in a position to take full advantage of new technologies and new business practices that benefits both their startups and the new direction of the Thai economy. Come and be a part of the power that knowledge provides.


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