Best event space in Sukhumvit

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  • May 16, 2019
Best event space in Sukhumvit
Tailoring your venue to fit your event is one of the most vital aspects in having a successful event.

Let the venue help shape your message.


Tailoring your venue to the type of event you’re hosting is an absolute key to a successful event. The moment your audience walks into the venue, their perception would have already been shaped, even before they receive your message. The key is to let the venue help build the perception, mood and tone of the event.


First and foremost, you would have to consider the number of guests and the venue size. Would there be enough space to accommodate the number of guests? Would your audience be seated or standing, involves attention and or actively networking? You wouldn’t want your space to be too big and have your audience turn up wondering if they came to the right event. You also wouldn’t want your guests to be jammed into one packed room unable to breathe.


Your event venue should match your message. The meaning and purpose of your message should also be accompanied by a location which helps enhances your message. From conventional meeting rooms to abandoned warehouses or in an outdoor space all the locations have their own meaning and messages. If your event is going to be about something trendy and digital, for instance, why not host it in a new trendy co-working space where there are potential like-minded investors, tech businesses or people that might be interested in your product or service.


Besides all, does your event need additional labour to set up projectors, lightings and help with the staging? If however, the venue includes these amenities make sure to validate whether their stock is adequate and how much of the physical elements the venue can provide. Moreover, be sure to check that all the props that you bring in can fit into the venue.

Workshop Room official seminar round tables

Workshop room at True Digital Park

At True Digital Park event space in Sukhumvit, we provide all the amenities for a tech startup event. Beyond the expansive co-working space, we have our signature Auditorium, Townhall, and Workshop Room and Foyer to accommodate your event. Our Auditorium comes with 600 sqm of space with over 400 seats and state of the art equipment. These include LCD projector, preparation room an in-house lighting and audio system. This is the perfect place to hold events which requires a clear structured presentation and with seating areas that accomodate large seminars. The Foyer are spaces for more casual discussions. With open plan space and casual cafe-style seating areas the Foyer is the perfect place for guests to relax and talk after finishing from the auditorium. The Foyer can hold up to 200 people and it comes as a package with the auditorium. The Townhall is an open stadium type space where meeting, group discussions and small presentations could be held. An LCD projector, in-house lighting and audio system are available in the Townhall with flip-charts available on request.  

Townhall M at True Digital Park

Townhall at True Digital Park

Our campus encompasses a modern and tech-savvy environment where you will be surrounded by a unique startup ecosystem and like-minded people. It is definitely the perfect event space to hold your tech startup right in the heart of Bangkok in Sukhumvit.


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