An era of influencers

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  • February 21, 2019
An era of influencers
To become an influencer, you must be able to attract quality customers, tell great stories, create a community, and shine with your personal style. In order to become an influential individual on social media, you will need to have at least 1 million followers, in which these fans will need to engage with your content—this means no buying of likes or followers.

Influencers are not just limited to actors and celebrities, but could also include politicians, experts in certain field, and even adorable pets.


Can influencers truly be the key communication tool for marketers?


As money is hard earned, marketing budget should be used effectively. Lately, we will see that many companies are using online influencers to communicate or present their products through reviews. This kind of marketing helps generate buzz and increase sales as consumers are instantly attracted to the product or service that these influencers share stories about online.


While anybody could become an influencer, another challenge is that it is now more difficult to reach out to the target audience. With the increase in online celebrities, this may cause confusion and repetition of information, misunderstanding, or inaccurate details from what the brand intends to tell.


However, don’t worry about the situation. TDPK believes that new generation entrepreneurs, startups and marketers should select the right spokespeople with the right character for what they are trying to communicate for the greatest impact. When this is achieved, there should not be a problem with this marketing tactic.


For those who wish to become successful influencers in the online world, TDPK has some advice.

  • Set yourself apart from the others and be yourself.
  • Don’t try to oversell or push products to your fans, as this will drive them away.
  • Most importantly, have a firm standing ground and create value for the society.

This will differentiate which ones are the real influencers in the social world. As the saying goes, time will prove one’s worth.


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