Scrum - the secret to kickstarting your startup’s innovation

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  • January 24, 2022
Scrum - the secret to kickstarting your startup’s innovation
Scrum is a framework that helps teams collaborate and innovate effectively. It encourages teams to learn through experiences, self-organise while working on a problem, and reflect on their wins and losses to continuously improve. It’s a highly effective agile project management framework, and describes a set of meetings, tools, and roles that work in concert to help teams structure and manage their work.

Startups are young companies that are just in the beginning of developing a product (or service) which can be widely adopted and loved by their users. Their primary initial goal is usually to develop a viable business model to solve the problem they have identified. In a rapidly-changing and developing market, Scrum allows teams to rapidly innovate and deliver results early.


Who are your team members?

Scrum has three roles: product owner, scrum master and the development team members. The product owner focuses on making the key decisions and setting a clear direction planning the sprint. The Scrum master helps the team by ensuring the operations are moving smoothly, removing blockers and providing feedback for improvements to the team. The development team is the team who will actually work on the product during the sprint, and can be composed of designers, writers, programmers, etc.  


How to plan and execute sprints?

A scrum team will have many short periods where they work to complete a set amount of work. Bigger, more complex projects are broken down into bite-sized pieces.

Before every sprint, the team should get together for a sprint planning meeting. The meeting should focus around two main questions: What work can get done in this sprint and how will the chosen work get done?

The team then creates a plan for how they will build/complete the chosen work before the end of the sprint. During a sprint, the team checks in during a daily scrum, to discuss how the work is progressing. This short meeting is designed to identify any blockers/challenges that are impeding the team's ability to develop the sprint goal. After a sprint, the team will do a sprint review, where they can showcase the work done internally and to stakeholders before it’s launched or hits production.


How to optimise your sprint?

The most important thing in any sprint is a good working environment. True Digital Park has meticulously designed our office to embrace the future of work under the concept of Work-Life Harmony. A system that blends work with the different aspects of life, so everything works together in harmony. In order for your team to perform optimally, you need to ensure they have both a conducive work environment as well as reinvigorating avenues for rest. 

True Digital Park is located on Sukhumvit 101 road and directly connects to Punnawithi BTS station. The campus is only 5 minutes away from Chalerm Mahanakorn Expressway and 20 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Find out more here.


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