The Guru Guide Powered by Vertech Capital


True Digital Park, Co-working Space, 6F

Want to know how you can expand into the Asia market? Or do you want to know more about the strategies you can take to build your venture and commercialise your business? Come and have a one-on-one a consultation at The Guru Guide with the expert from Vertech Capital!!

Vertech Capital is an advisory firm headquartered in Singapore. They partner with both public and private sector stakeholders to drive innovation in infrastructure sectors. With their expertise and knowledge, they also manage a global portfolio of innovative technologies and investments to accelerate Industry 4.0.

Book your slot here : https://calendly.com/tdpkconsultation/the-guru-guide-with-vertech-capital
The upcoming Guru Guide with Vertech Capital will be a 30 minutes session focusing on strategies behind:
- Venture building & commercialization
- Investment & Capital Management
- Future trends & Quick design sprints
- Operations & IP Support
- Technical & Industry deep dives Asia ; Incorporation, Expansion, and Market resources

**As Vertech Capital is headquartered in Singapore, please note that the above session will be on video conference. Thank you for your understanding.