Graph Database in Practice 2020


True Digital Park, Auditorium, 6F and 7F

Although practical uses of graph databases have just begun and are continuously being discovered, it is one of the emerging technology gathering attention in various industries as the backend of their A.I. systems.

Want to know more? Then join us at Graph Database in Practice 2020 (GDBP 2020) Symposium! GDBP 2020 aims to facilitate the knowledge sharing on the actual use cases and methods to utilize graph databases in real-world applications. Don't miss out the opportunity to explore the state-of-the-art data management in this era of A.I.!!!

** Session is in English**

Registration Link: https://2020.gdbp.org/
(For more details & agenda, you can find via this link too)
Date : Sun 16 Feb 2020
Time : 2-5 PM
Location : Auditorium, True Digital Park