1 PM - 4 PM

True Digital Park @ Siam Soi 2


Yuting Liu - Apps Growth Manager at Google
Eve Punlertputtanakorn - New Business Development Manager at Google
Bank Wanachaikiat - Business Strategy Manager at Google


     As mobile phones continue to take center stage in our work and daily lives, the number of apps vying for our attention and use have also skyrocketed. There are now over 3.2 million apps on Google Play and over 2 million apps on the App Store. With so many apps looking to occupy space and time on your phone, how do you allow your app to be discovered, or more importantly, how do you allow you app to be discovered by the right people and the right time?

     Furthermore, who are the right people, and how should we define them for our user acquisition strategies? In this event, we will help you answer those questions and will share the framework in which you should use to structure your apps’ growth. You will also learn about how you can leverage Google’s Ad products to translate your app user’s insights into profits for your app business. Join us in growing your app business with Google.


Time Program
12.30 PM Registration
1.00 PM Thailand App Landscape (Thai)
1.30 PM App Growth Framework (English)
2.15 PM UAC: Leveraging Machine Learning for App Growth (Thai)
3.00 PM Break
3.15 PM UAC Campaign Creation Demo (Thai)
3.45 PM Q&A and Feedback Form



     Yuting Liu - Mobile Apps Growth Manager at Google
     Yuting works with mobile app developers and marketers across Southeast Asia grow their business through understanding their users’ behaviors and finding more valuable users.

     Eve Punlertputtanakorn​ - New Business Development Manager at Google
     Eve is from Google’s new business development team; working with brands in Thailand to craft out digital strategy and drive implementation to reach and engage with their audience online. Prior to joining Google, Eve worked at True Digital & Media platform.

     Bank Wanachaikiat - Business Strategy Managet at Google

     Bank is currently a Business Strategy Manager at Google. His main focus is in accelerating growth for Small and Medium businesses through performance marketing solutions and digital audience strategy. Before joining Google, Bank led a regional user-acquisition online marketing channel for the biggest e-commerce company in SEA. Bank is an expert in Performance Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategy across many industries.