Technology And Data Science For Business Growth

6 PM - 9 PM

Caveman Base


Virot Chiraphadhanakul

Charin Polpanumas

Chitpol Mungprom

Bernd Vindevogel (Moderator)


     “Data Science” one of the hottest topics at the moment that everyone talks about - no matter where you are or what industry you are in. So, what is it? How can it be used to improve the business? What are the challenges and use cases?

     In this Tech Supper Club #2, we have invited the data science experts who will share with us the benefits of using data and analytics to drive the
     decision-making process, how to correctly and efficiently extract the knowledge & insights from data as well as real use cases that help drive the business growth. You will also get to learn the first-hand experiences from the experts on their data science journey.


Time Program
6 PM Registration & Networking
6.45 PM True Digital Park Introduction
7 PM Panel Discussion
7.45 PM Q&A
8 PM Networking
9 PM End



Virot "Ta" Chiraphadhanakul, PhD / Google Developer Expert at Google 
Virot has been pioneering Machine Learning movement in Thailand through his contributions to the local developer scene by bringing his past Data Science experience from Facebook and MIT. Virot also teaches part-time at a local university on topics ranging from data wrangling, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Vizualization etc.

Chitpol Mungporm / CEO & Founder at Zanroo 
Thais address each other using nickname and my nickname is "Fight". My manifesto is - I fight and turn problems into opportunities. Zanroo, which means "smart" in Thai, officially founded in 2009 to tackle the challenges of ever-growing Social Big Data. We aim to build a solution that helps many stakeholders to understand Social Data better, and be able to make full use of it. Today, Zanroo is not only a software, but a full-service solution provider that helps our esteemed clients to navigate social big data challenges by drilling down into the root-cause, and proposing actionable insights with support of our technology & talents. We are honoured to have fought against different challenges with our clients. It is truly a humble experience and along the journey, together we made Zanroo stronger. 

Charin Polpanumas / Data Scientist at BridgeAsia 
I am a data scientist working to optimize the healthcare industry: to make it spend less and provide equal or better care for everyone. Previously, I worked for Southeast Asia's largest e-commerce specialized in performance marketing. My models include customer value estimation, fraud detection, automated bidding and budget allocation. Collectively, they are saving multi-million USD a year. I also currently hold the state-of-the-art performance for text classification in Thai (thai2vec and pyThaiNLP). I did my undergraduate studies in economics at a university in Japan and pursued my masters in marketing at Peking University. In my free time, I write about interesting topics such as online prostitution scene in Bangkok and classifying ladyboys with deep learning. My life goal is to provide everyone with a skillset to make decisions based on evidences rather than prejudices, already starting with a bi-monthly meetup Data Science BKK and an open-source data science training Datatouille.org.