Going Mobile: The Future of App Development


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Filip Rakita - General Manager Thailand, Eatigo

Tiwa York - Head Coach, Kaidee

Jakob - Founder, Lykke

How can mobile apps change our lives?

There are 24 million smartphone users in Thailand, and you most likely already have LINE, Grab, Foodpanda or Lazada app on your phone. It has become a part of our daily life: the way we shop, communicate and travel…


Mobile Technologies not only make our lives easier, they also change our behavior. And this trillion dollar market is still growing fast! The mobile app and smartphone ecosystem have grown exponentially in the last ten years, mainly driven by user experience, technology and investment.Technological advancement on mobile platforms is still in full force. We are witnessing new features and inventions with every OS update.


Come and join us to learn what’s the next step for Mobile Technologies


Speakers from Thailand's mobile app tech gains will share their views on the future of Mobile Apps!


Speakers info:


Filip Rakita - General Manager Thailand, Eatigo

Filip Rakita is the General Manager Thailand at eatigo, with extensive experience within tech startup world, previously holding several senior management positions within two of Rocket Internet’s ventures.

Prior to joining eatigo, he was the Country Manager of ZEN Rooms Thailand. He also has a significant experience working within a FTSE 100 Company in positions ranging from Sales through Business Intelligence to Brand Marketing.

He is a Serbian national, who’s lived and worked in 5 different countries prior to moving to Thailand. Before entering the business world through his studies, Filip was a professional basketball player, playing for several basketball clubs in Belgrade, Serbia.



Tiwa York - Head Coach, Kaidee

Many probably already know Tiwa York well as the head coach for the team running Kaidee platform which he helped build up with the belief of that "every Thai person should have a platform to sell and buy things online that is easy to access." He is determined to develop this online marketplace and Thai tech teams to compete in the global stage.

Kaidee, started in 2011 by Tiwa and a team of 5 awesome people, has now become a C2C online marketplace with over 2,000 monthly sellers and listing 1.8 million items for sales.
Tiwa is recognized for his passion, leadership, and efforts in building his A-team at Kaidee, and he is an innovative mentor for startup in Thailand. Before hie success with Kaidee held leadership roles in Admax Network and Omnicom Media Group.


Jakob - Founder, Lykke

Jakob is the founder of Lykke Studios a creative studio creating mobile experiences in partnership with some of the biggest companies in the world. Prior to this he has from Bangkok build and sold 2 companies Playlab and Pagemodo. Playlab was the biggest independent mobile game developer in the South East Asia employing over 100 people to manage 28 million players and was in 2017 acquired by Chilindo. Pagemodo which was acquired by Webs & Vistaprint in 2011 was the first template tool for Facebook Pages. He is also Co-Founder in companies like Panya Studios and Ava.


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