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Thirapong Varangoon, Managing Director of CentrovisioN


True Digital Park x CentrovisioN invite you to
'Drone Data: What drones do beyond images'

Drones become a buzzword that has been very popular for the past few years. Many of us regard drones as flying-camera gadgets which can only capture images from the sky. But beyond the beautiful aerial VDO and images that drones can produce, what else can it do?

CentrovisioN has used drones for doing many things else and you could be surprised to learn other things that drones can do.

Drones for aerial survey. Way back in 2010 CentrovisioN was one of a very few first companies that used drone for doing an aerial survey of remote and large scale areas. Our drones can fly over nearly 10,000 rai in a clear sky day and take aerial images with very high resolution and positioning accuracy. We have the name for it - CenAirSurvey. CenAirSurvey can produce 2D and 3D mapping featuring picture map, contour, digital surface model (DSM), digital terrain model (DTM) and 3D model of the subject survey area. CenAirSurvey is ideal for agriculture and plantation, construction, land survey, disaster monitoring, pollution monitoring, road/pipeline/transmission line monitoring, mining/stock pile survey, etc.

Drones for inspection. Drones can also be uses for many type of inspection. Integrating drone with high resolution camera and very accurate GPS system, Centrovision can use drone to inspect all types of structures, e.g. buildings, cranes, wind turbine, solar farm, bridges, etc. We call it CenAirInspec.

Drones for multimedia presentation and advertising. Using aerial images from drone, CentrovisioN can create CenIVP, which stands for "Centrovision Interactive Virtual Panorama". CenIVP gives virtual experience to viewers like never before so it is a new innovation of presentation and advertising.

These are “what drones do beyond images” at CentrovisioN

Centrovision was established in 1991 with its original objectives to be a leading business and management consultant. In 2010 Centrovision was engaged in large-scale aerial survey of plantation in Indonesia, and that was the start of our UAV development. In the first year of the survey operation, Centrovision was struggle in finding the right solution for the suitable and workable equipment to finish the tasks. Many off-the-shelf commercial UAV products were tested but found to either not to pass the stringent requirements or lack flexibility to cope with different tasks, therefore Centrovision commenced its own research and development to come up with Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), which comprises own design airframe, autopilot control, radio and data link communication, ground station as well as image processing software and hardware. Centrovision UAS can be adapted to meet all tasks in all working environment, thus providing solutions to all remote sensing and aerial survey requirements.

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