Free Workshop: How to Create a Powerful Pitch Deck and Compelling UX




Darin Suthapong, CEO of Indy Dish

Let’s get into building mode! In this third workshop of the She Loves Tech workshop series, co-organised by Gobi Partners -- free and open to shortlists, applicants and the general public!

We have Darin Suthapong, CEO of Indy Dish, to prepare you for the upcoming local round competition where you will be pitching to a panel of judges. Darin will also be giving a brief crash course on UX (user experience) to help you firm up your customer acquisition tactics!

Part 1: Pitching

Why we pitch
What to include in the pitch
How to pitch - tips to effective storytelling

Part 2: UX

What is UX of the modern day
How to create a compelling UX
Please register now via www.crowdcast.io/e/slt20pitchdeck. This event is free and open to any public audience.

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