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  • October 09, 2018

Bangkok, October 9, 2018 – Dr. Suwit Maesincee, Minister of Science and Technology, led a press conference to announce the partnership between the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), or NIA, led by Executive Director Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana, and True Digital Park, led by President Mr. Thanasorn Jaidee. The partnership reflects the strong cooperation between the public and private sectors in developing the “Punnawithi” zone and its communities as the “Bangkok CyberTech District,” which will serve as Thailand’s digital innovation district with an objective of helping drive the digital economy in support of Thailand 4.0. Concurrently, the first Startup Thailand Center is set to open at True Digital Park. This one-stop service center will provide diverse services and benefits as well as facilities to attract startups, investors and talents from around the world to invest and set up their business operations in Thailand. This will in turn, help develop an ecosystem that provides a comprehensive digital innovation in the country.

Dr. Suwit Maesincee, Minister of Science and Technology, said, “One of the ministry’s priorities is to empower Thais to succeed in the 21st century. An important priority is to shift Thailand’s economy and society to being more innovative-driven prioritizing technologies that will benefit our long-term economic development and productivity, and to achieve balanced growth that supports all Thais. The objective is for sustainable growth in-line with our Thailand 4.0 policy. The NIA, as assigned by the ministry, will take responsibility for implementing a strategic plan to promote area-based innovation that contributes to economic growth through solutions that increase the strength of Thai businesses through new opportunities allowing them to better compete. At the same time, public and private partnerships for several projects deal with inequality and improving the country’s competitiveness. For example, development of the innovation zone in Bangkok and other provinces across Thailand, under a partnership between the NIA and True Digital Park, along with the launch of the Bangkok CyberTech District is an important milestone that reflects successful public-private cooperation in Southeast Asia. We are certain that this designated area will be a game-changer for Thailand’s economy and help improve the competitiveness of start-ups and SMEs, which will in turn, contribute to Thailand becoming both a technology hub and an innovation society.

Dr. Pun-Arj Chairatana, Executive Director of the National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), or NIA, said, “The Bangkok CyberTech District will not only serve as a center for digital innovation and support the next-generation workforce that is connected and in tune with more digital lifestyles, it will be a comprehensive innovation district offering a complete ecosystem that supports start-ups in Southeast Asia, attracting both domestic and international businesses to Thailand. This includes capital, knowledge and people, to help businesses thrive in the right environment and be able to compete globally. The NIA and True Digital Park is working with a network of partners to continuously develop the Bangkok Cyber Tech District project. For example, the NIA will set up a Start-up Thailand Center on a 200 square-meter space to provide unrivalled facilities for Thai and foreign start-ups to set up their businesses in Thailand. The center will include a co-working and event space, private offices and a special platform to promote and support new start-ups, helping them to succeed at the international level. The objective is to encourage and develop increased know-how among the talented workforce, but also to integrate the old and new economy and drive technological advancements. In next 3 years, there will be over 100 global start-ups increase in the district and generate income more than 3,500 million baht. We believe these will contribute to better employment opportunities, long-term economic growth, and an improved perspective of Thailand’s contributions to the digital space.

Mr. Thanasorn Jaidee, President of True Digital Park, said, “True Group is committed to developing True Digital Park into the largest digital innovation hub in Southeast Asia. Partnering with the NIA has brought pride to our company, allowing us to take part in developing the ‘Punnawithi’ zone into the Bangkok CyberTech District. This reflects our concrete approach to transform this district into a center for digital innovation, development and growth for startups as they are crucial to ensuring that Thailand’s digital economy succeeds and is competitive internationally. True Digital Park will offers tremendous potential, and provides a huge boost to the Bangkok CyberTech District, ensuring it becomes an important district that integrates the cooperation of all sectors of society. This will ensure a complete ecosystem under the concept of Open Innovation, which supports multinational tech companies, startups and entrepreneurs, VC and investors as well as public agencies. The result will be the transfer, sharing and integration of knowledges in the digital sphere within an ideal environment that contributes to innovation, operational support and a digital-centric lifestyle. Furthermore, True Digital Park is well-positioned to support the very first NIA’s Startup Thailand Center, which will provide important benefits and facilities for startups worldwide which see the important potential of investing in Thailand. In the end, it will help to promote the district as an incubator for new startups that will attract skilled and knowledgeable workers and talents from around the world, helping to advance an integrated center of digital innovation, thereby fulfilling the NIA’s commitment.”


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