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  • December 20, 2018

Bangkok, 20 December 2018 - True Digital Park, a global destination for digital life, has fully deployed the state-of-the-art technologies in all areas of True Digital Park to fulfill the ultimate digital lifestyle of city residents. It therefore collaborates with four international leading IT partners including Cisco, Microsoft, Epson and Ricoh to create the utmost digital experience for start-ups and people around the world who come to work and spend their time at True Digital Park. This come with a variety of smart technologies from partners such as Heat Map technology and Cisco lighting control, AI technology for face recognition from Microsoft, Epson Interactive Ready projectors, Ricoh smart office and printer, and Ricoh Innovations Experience Center. Here, people can spend Smart Life with a telecommunication infrastructure that connects to both high-speed 4G and advanced Wi-Fi networks with smart solutions and intelligent systems. These systems will facilitate users’ convenience while saving energy. As a result, True Digital Park will then become Thailand’ first and largest digital innovation hub in Southeast Asia.

Mr. Thanasorn Jaidee, President of True Digital Park said, "True Digital Park has selected the most cutting-edge technology and advanced digital technology to apply to the project including Augmented and Big Data Analytics, AI, IoT and 5G testbed, as well as various digital services to enhance True Digital Park to become Thailand's first and largest digital innovation hub in Southeast Asia. Likewise, it can meet the lifestyles of start-ups and people from all over the world who come to work and spend their daily life at True Digital Park. Within the park, a telecommunication infrastructure that supports all types of communications has been in place. It has also partnered with the big four of the world's leading IT technology partners to install advanced systems and devices to enhance the work process and lifestyle in the digital age to full capacity, with smart solutions to create experience for Thai people to witness intelligent systems that are convenient, energy-saving and eco-friendly in True Digital Park.

Furthermore, True Digital Park, in collaboration with four leading world-class IT partners, introduces the hi-tech innovations to the project as follows:

  • Cisco Heat Map technology collects data of space usage in various areas within True Digital Park for further analysis and management of space utilisation and effective communication with users as well as Smart Lighting that manipulates power control in the office and meeting room to become Smart Office and Smart Building eventually.
  • Microsoft AI platform leader, introduces AI Cognitive service which is a Face Detection and Facial Recognition module that automatically monitors incoming and outgoing traffic to enhance security standards powered by Microsoft Azure cloud platform instead of using a traditional card.
  • Epson innovative laser projector, the new benchmark for projectors in the future, delivers better resolution and longer service life than conventional projectors. There are also interactive projectors for board rooms and high contrast projectors for large rooms. All projectors support wireless connection to make a meeting more efficient and interesting.
  • Ricoh installs the multifunction printers to support all functions of start-ups and users of convention centers in True Digital Park. Ricoh Innovations Experience Center for digital signage innovators is now underway, with the launch of the Ricoh Innovations Experience Center aims to inspire digitally innovative creativity under the concept of open innovation for start-ups and apply what Ricoh has to work more efficiently.

Mr. Vatsun Thirapatarapong, Managing Director, Cisco Thailand and Indochina said, “Cisco is partnering with True Digital Park in providing network planning consultation for infrastructure and leveraging digital solution. This covers from Smart Building for lighting control in the conference room, to mobility experience through Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) solution which was applied to derive Heat Map for user location tracking, to meeting room’s utilization and effective communication with customers, such as promotions and marketing campaigns, etc.  Besides, ISE solution (Identify Service Engine) was also integrated to enhance cyber security protection, together with Cisco Next Gen Firewall to prevent attacks from cyber threat. This cooperation will be the pilot project to demonstrate the Smart Campus / Smart City architecture that will expand rapidly in the future aligning to the nation’s development”

Mr. Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Director of Enterprise and Commercial Promotion, Microsoft (Thailand) Co, Ltd, said, "our mission is to empower everyone and every organisation to be fully creative with their full potential which aligns with True Digital Park’s. We believe that the introduction of AI and visual computing technologies will be in a tangible fashion. Therefore, True Digital Park will help inspire the creativity of startups and interested parties with designing technology by Thai innovator, reinforcing the leadership of Microsoft's AI platform and the availability of digital media as to drive Thai society to a greater success in the digital world.

Mr. Yunyong Muneemongkoltorn, Director of Epson (Thailand) Co., Ltd , said “Epson Thailand is pleased to be engaged in fulfilling the definition for Smart Building of True Digital Park with nearly 50 new high-end laser projectors and the latest interactive projector to support various functions in many areas of the project. It aims to provide a unique experience in making smooth presentations and viewing information, including a model capable of projecting large images with 4K resolution and Contrast Ratio up to 2,500,000 : 1, making images perfectly sharp in all details and colors. All models of laser projectors are equipped with LCD Panel and inorganic Phosphor Wheel, enabling 24 hours usage of stable image quality. They have a built-in Wireless Connection via WiFi Direct and Miracast which can immediately download any images from smart devices to be on the projector. Moreover, they can combine with a Multi PC function that connects up to 50 smartphones or tablets on both iOS and Android. Epson is confident that its innovation will fully support any operation of startups and help create a dynamic and creative working environment.”

Mr. Julian JL Fryett, President of Ricoh (Thailand) Co., Ltd., says “Ricoh is a global technology company that wants to change the way of work with the tagline "ïmagine.change" by focusing on creating experience for everyone to witness innovations and technologies that will help to work smarter, under the concept of "Empowering Digital Workplaces". Ricoh Innovations Experience Center at True Digital Park will bring in world-class technologies for Thai people to touch a variety of experiences from Ricoh innovations that are easy to use for users. Ricoh helps many organizations to operate more effectively with services and technologies that inspire the creation of new innovations to make them more sustainable in tandem with business growth through document management solutions, printing equipment management solution, IT system and advanced communication solution.”

True Digital Park will be the model of Smart City that Thai people can truly live their Smart Life with high-tech innovations within the project. For instance,

  • Smart Building- all facilities in the building are controlled with intelligent systems.
  • Smart Access- the access to building will be made via Application, QR Code or Self Service at Kiosk.
  • Smart Lighting - Control the power switch on/ off via Tablet.
  • Facial Recognition can be added as the access control to the building in the future.
  • Heat Map can identify the density of people in the building.
  • Smart Office- Meeting room can be reserved through an application as well as projector and printer can have advanced control to function.
  • Smart Parking- Parking reservation can be made through an application.
  • Smart Hospitality by a Robot.
  • Smart Payment- No cash payments.
  • Smart Home Automation- auto power switch on/off and indoor air conditioner.

In addition, True Digital Park also deploys advanced technologies to manage energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, such as Pave Gen, a walkway that can generate electricity for use at night, and EV Charger to promote the use of electric vehicles (EV), etc.


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