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  • December 23, 2019

Bangkok, 23 December 2019 - After the official launch in September, True Digital Park continues its mission to be the innovation hub and the largest startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia. Under its ‘Open Innovation’ concept, the digital campus is working with many prominent partners to fulfill its promise of building the ecosystem where various startups, educational institutions, research center and world-class advanced technology innovators can share ideas, gain access to funding, and expand their network endlessly.

Having various tech giants and startups under one roof complete with advanced infrastructure is definitely important for True Digital Park to achieve its goal of becoming a unicorn incubator for the ASEAN region. But more importantly, it is how this ecosystem helps enabling the partners to meet, connect and exchange ideas and experiences that will truly accelerate their business operations in the digital era and expand their opportunities.


True Digital Park has incorporated the concept of ‘Open Innovation’ in its architectural design from the beginning. The interior design focuses on open spaces connecting its Co-Working Space, Office Space, Innovation Space, and Event & Business Services Space together to encourage the exchange of ideas and fuel innovations.

Central to all this is the iconic “Glass Stairs” that seamlessly connect 3 buildings together – the Griffin, Phoenix and Pegasus buildings – and span vertically on 3 floors (from 5th to 7th) of the Pegasus Building. This architectural landmark is meant to be the center of ‘Connectivity’ within True Digital Park and create the ‘Connected Community’ where people under one roof– whether they are from large technology companies, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, or government agencies – can come together and be the part of this startup ecosystem.


These glass stairs were designed by Seele, one of the leaders in the world of façade and roof construction, famous for its signature use of glass in creating beautiful architectures, resulting in a practical and creative working space. Seele applied technology to develop this architectural gem throughout every process, from design production, materials construction and structure installation. Seele already had numerous world-class works in its portfolio across many countries, including the Apple Stores in New York, Shanghai and other cities, the e-commerce company Etsy’s headquarter in New York, One Microsoft campus in Dublin which is home to employees from more than 72 countries around the world, Accenture Innovation Hub in Tokyo that fuses traditional Japanese culture with technology and innovation, and the Albert Einstein Learning and Research Center in São Paulo, among others.


The “Glass Stairs” – True Digital Park’s icon of ‘Connectivity’– are made from high-quality laminated tempered glass that combines stylish design and advanced innovation. The spiral stairs mount around the large glass cylinder structure in the center. Every component from the glass panels that make up the cylinder, railings and each glass step are precisely designed using advanced technology and custom-made down to the smallest detail. Transportation, construction and installation of all elements are handled carefully to ensure that the stairs can support the weight well while delivering the beautiful contemporary appearance. The “Glass Stairs” truly symbolize the triumph of technology in the digital era and aim to connect innovative people together to ignite learning and business expansion.

With attention to every architectural detail, it is not a surprise that True Digital Park has become one of the most promising innovation centers for the technology and startup communities. It is only a matter of time before we witness the birth of a Thai unicorn company under this interconnected ecosystem.


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