Learn how to be a startup with TDPK Startup Sandbox

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  • May 31, 2021
Learn how to be a startup with TDPK Startup Sandbox
As Southeast Asia’s largest startup hub, True Digital Park is determined to support Thai startups for the path to become unicorns, launching the new Startup Sandbox initiative to empower new startups. Through a variety of programs, courses and activities, the young generation is getting great opportunities to learn and thrive in the startup world.

TDPK Startup Sandbox allows startups to gain access to funding, expert advice, workspace, plus a host of benefits from both public and private partners. To enable startups to develop innovations to meet customer needs, build a business model, live a new life full of possibilities, True Digital Park has setup Startup Sandbox, a new initiative that brings together people with business dreams in our interconnected startup ecosystem. This place is suitable for exchanging ideas, finding advice, fostering business strengths, building a network. It is the space for startups to experiment and create new business ideas with mentors to give advice during the program.


A variety of program are created for startups of various levels from early-stage startups, mature startups, entrepreneurs, etc. We are joined by business partners and tech experts to create programs as follows:


dEXponential Sandbox


Finding "the best team" to build a new business with world-changing ideas. Get the opportunity to work with GC (PTT Global Chemical) under the dEXponential Sandbox program.


The program is in Thai. For more info: https://www.truedigitalpark.com/en/startup-support/dexponential-sandbox


True 5G Tech Sandbox


Looking for new startups to create ideas and build businesses with True 5G to meet the needs of enhancing business potential and quality of Thai people in 6 dimensions: Health and Wellness, Intelligent city and security, Education, Retail, Agriculture, and Industry.


Open for Thai applicants: https://www.trueincube.com


True Lab Startup Sandbox


Organized for new generation startups and people with entrepreneurial minds interested in Robotics and AI. A hackathon selects teams to receive a prototype development grant and free use of workspace at True Digital Park for the duration of the project.


This program is in Thai. More info: https://www.truedigitalpark.com/en/startup-support/truelabstartupsandbox


Startup Garage


True Digital Park drives the potential of Thai startups under the project "Startup Garage." It provides participants workspace for 3 months with knowledge and advice by mentors and business experts, aimed to incubate Thai startups to be able to actually create businesses in the market.


This program is in Thai. More info: https://www.truedigitalpark.com/en/startup-support/startup-garage


Startup in Residence

Workspace for startups or small and medium tech companies. Members will enjoy various programs that help drive the growth of startups by leveraging TDPK's network of partners and experts - creating new business opportunities and increasing their market acceptance.


Startup in Residence is located in the Startup Sandbox zone on the 5th floor of True Digital Park, with offices available for companies ranging in size from 2-50 people. We can also support scaling startups or the expansion of the number of employees in the company. The space comes with common areas such as pantry, meeting room and relaxation space.


More info: https://www.truedigitalpark.com/en/startup-support/startup-in-residence


Meet the Angels Sandbox


A full 3-month program readying Thai startups for funding. It is a collaboration between Krungsri Bank and True Digital Park, open for early-stage startups up to Series A from Meet the Angels program only.


True Digital Park will continue to launch more programs under TDPK Startup Sandbox. For those who are interested in updating new programs, follow True Digital Park page on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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