Rethinking Office Space in Bangkok in the New Normal

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  • September 28, 2020
Rethinking Office Space in Bangkok in the New Normal
There’s a change in the way we once looked at office space in Bangkok. Let’s take a look at some of the new considerations post-Covid 19.

Fully-furnished Office Space in Bangkok in the New Normal

Startup entrepreneurs learned some valuable lessons from the recent COVID-19 pandemic. While many agree that the Work from Home (WFH) business model and video conferencing have been valuable tools, the wisest entrepreneurs learned other realities of renting fully-furnished office space in Bangkok.

With the recent pandemic, a lot of advice has come to light about how to adapt office requirements to serve your employees, suppliers and customers safely as you move forward in the new normal.

An entrepreneur naturally wants to look ahead and plan for the future when seeking office space in Bangkok. However, as tragic as the pandemic was, it also served as a prompt for business owners to scale back their operations and seek the minimum office space possible for their business to run effectively and efficiently. 

Scaling Down Grandiose Infrastructure Dreams

Entrepreneurs often have lavish plans for their office space. They dream of modeling their office space in Bangkok on the Google or Apple headquarters in Silicon Valley. Their goal is to take good care of their employees while serving their customers. But in the face of the recent pandemic, the wisest ones have taken the limits imposed by the new normal very seriously. 

The benefit of renting a fully-furnished office space in Bangkok is that you can simply pack up your laptops and move at the end of your lease if you've outgrown the space. And if you experience a period of growth in the middle of a lease, renting a co-working space is a great option in the interim.  

The new normal is proving that embracing a nomadic lifestyle when it comes to office space is often the best way to plan for the future. The less money you spend today, the more you’ll have for other challenges that may arise to test your abilities as well as your financial resources. 

Enterprises like True Digital Park have based their business model on this reality. They rent both fully-furnished office space and co-working space to startups in the Bangkok tech industries. They have also created a community of like-minded individuals that offer education and contacts to new startups. 

One-on-one Meetings with Clients, Suppliers and Investors

Most of the world’s business professionals are well aware of the social distancing measures that every business must adhere to, to safeguard their employees. But you must still use a measure of diplomacy in the ways you deal with meetings with external parties who are essential to keeping you in business.

Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype have all but replaced the ‘handshake’ meetings that were once an essential part of business. And you should gently suggest that clients, suppliers and investors use these tools as often as possible in meetings. 

But sometimes a handshake and a signature is warranted to establish a milestone in your business’s growth. Offering to rent a meeting room or other unique venue outside of your office space in Bangkok demonstrates both recognition of the importance of the meeting, as well as a concern for the health of attendees and your workforce.

Keeping Track of Progress

WFH is here to stay. Not only does it cut down on the amount of office space needed, but it also makes for a more flexible and happier workforce. But for entrepreneurs, it can be a headache keeping track of everyone while maintaining control of your progress. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software alleviates a lot of those headaches. This software is becoming an essential business tool, now more than ever.  

CRM software is somewhat mislabeled in the benefits it provides to business. It offers marketing and sales communication and analytic capabilities focused on the customer’s history. But it also provides a large amount of internal data that can be used to track both an employee’s daily routine and a company’s progress. 

A well-organized CRM system sorts various processes within a company into tasks that allow managers to get a clear picture of who is working on what. The internal communication channels it offers helps everyone stay in touch throughout the day in a transparent manner. 

Moving Forward in Business

No one knows how long COVID-19 will be around, but the business world has shown itself to be both flexible and innovative. By taking a different and wiser approach to renting fully-furnished office space in Bangkok, entrepreneurs can safeguard their employees, their financial resources and their brand name in the uncertain times ahead.  

And by taking full advantage of the tools that have shown themselves to be effective in dealing with a WFH business model, they can also ensure their business continues to operate successfully and thrive in the new normal.


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