Rent a Fully-furnished Office at True Digital Park

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  • August 26, 2020
Rent a Fully-furnished Office at True Digital Park
By renting a fully-furnished office from True Digital Park, you can enjoy less overhead costs and reap the benefits of a healthy business lifestyle.

Rent a Fully-furnished Office from True Digital Park

Startups generally are cash-strapped when they are first launched. Until they get up and running and create products and services that can support the development of the business, they have to keep a tight rein on every expenditure.

Renting a fully-furnished office in Bangkok with all the business necessities can be a drain on limited financial resources. But True Digital Park (TDPK) offers a solution that can save on startup costs and make your work life healthier and more productive.

You can rent a fully-furnished office space and pay for business necessities like conference rooms, pantries, cleaning services and professional printing facilities only when you need them. You'll have an address you can use for company registration purposes, and you’ll be able to cut down on overhead expenses and devote more of your limited funds into the development of your products and services.

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Be a Part of a Tech Ecosystem

When you rent fully-furnished office space from TDPK, you'll become immersed in a tech ecosystem that offers many different facets that support your startup. From access to incubator and accelerator programmes to regularly-scheduled workshops, seminars and lectures, life at TDPK will immerse you in everything educational you need to make your startup a success.

TDPK has partnered with private companies and entities that can provide you with a lifeline to the technological resources you need to develop your products and services. These resources can also provide assistance when it’s time to launch your products and services and provide valuable contacts within the industry.

Among their many partners are also government agencies like the Thailand Board of Investment that can provide you with work permits and smart visas for foreign talent that you want to employ in Thailand. One of our most popular events is held every two months. It’s called “Let’s Talk to the VCs”, and consists of venture capitalists coming to TDPK and answering questions about the process of funding. You’ll get valuable tips and hints that will help you negotiate the process of putting together a presentation that attracts VCs, the various rounds of financing, and what you should expect after you've been awarded funding for your startup.

These events can also serve as an introduction to VCs, who will later become investors in your startup. By getting to know the mindset of these valuable investors, you'll have a head start toward securing the funding you need to develop your products and services.

VCs from Openspace Ventures, Monk's Hill Ventures, Siri Ventures, SCB 10X , Beacon Venture Capital, True Incube and Quest Ventures during Let’s Talk to the VCs#7 in June 2020

VCs from Openspace Ventures, Monk's Hill Ventures, Siri Ventures, SCB 10X , Beacon Venture Capital, True Incube and Quest Ventures during Let’s Talk to the VCs#7 in June 2020

Enjoy a Healthier and More Productive Lifestyle

But the TDPK philosophy is based on the concept of work, live and play, and our community embodies this philosophy. Renting a fully-furnished office or sharing a co-working space at TDPK provides much more than just a workspace. We’re convinced that leading a healthy lifestyle has a positive impact on your productivity and work habits.

We have a game area where you can relax with colleagues over a game of pool or table tennis. We have many food outlets on our premises where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal and discuss business issues with other members of the tech community. We also provide access to gyms and sporting facilities where you can work off the stress of the business world and yourself in the right frame of mind and body to tackle the challenges of your venture.

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Put TDPK High On Your List of Places to Visit

Before you rent an office that will drain your initial funds, make an appointment to visit TDPK. Discover the favourable alternative to locking yourself away to develop your products and services in a sterile vacuum, devoid of a support network. Come and see how immersing yourself and your colleagues within a vibrant and busy community of like-minded and supportive entrepreneurs and technological people can work wonders for your startup.

You’re launching your startup because of a great idea. Don’t you want to give that great idea the best chance of success? By becoming a part of our community, we’ll provide you with the guidance, the facilities and the education that will almost guarantee your idea has a chance of becoming successful. It all starts with a visit and tour of TDPK. We’ll look forward to meeting you.


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