Planning a Startup Event in Bangkok

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  • September 26, 2019
Planning a Startup Event in Bangkok
Planning a startup event at a venue in Bangkok should be carefully coordinated to give your brand the exposure it needs. Here’s how to go about planning it.

Planning a Startup Event in Bangkok

Whether you’re planning to rent space or use your own venue, holding a productive startup event in Bangkok takes planning and foresight.

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With so many startups jockeying for position in Bangkok’s tech industry these days, you need to ensure your brand is ahead of the pack in making a name for itself. One of the best ways to get the necessary publicity is to hold an event that succeeds in getting your corporate message heard loud and clear. 

If your company is based at True Digital Park, there are several event venues that you can make good use of in holding your event. These venues hold different size audiences that allow you to scale the event to a size you’re comfortable with. 

We’re going to ask a series of questions that will help you reach the goals of your event. If you’re having trouble answering any of them, it’s better to go back to the drawing board. You need to have a solid grasp of every question before you host your occasion.

What is the Main Purpose of the Event?

Every event should have a primary purpose. It doesn’t have to be the sole purpose, but it should dictate your what your event is 'about', your presentation's content and the majority of who you invite. 

The purpose could be anything. If your company is moving into a new workspace, that's a purpose. If you're launching a new product, that's also a purpose. However, finally figuring out an engineering problem that was holding your company back is not a valid purpose. These occasions need to mark milestone’s in your startup to people both inside and outside of your company. They need to be newsworthy in the tech community. The milestone also needs to be given a slant to focus on your intended audience.

Who is Your Intended Audience?

Once you've decided on the purpose of your event, the next task is deciding who to invite. Your occasion should definitely not be made up completely of your target guest list, but it should include a healthy amount of those people you are targeting with your message. 

If you’re trying to secure funding, you need to be sure to invite a good amount of investors. But, packing the venue with only investors doesn’t allow you to use the event for other purposes as well. 

You should look at every event you hold as being newsworthy, and invite the local press. You should also include guests who can talk about your company and its products in a knowledgeable manner. The occasion should include supporters as well as outsiders. Your supporters will be able to talk up your company during refreshments after the event. 

What Will Be Happening?

While you may be tempted to give a lengthy presentation about your company that covers all the bases, we’d strongly recommend against it. No one cares about your company’s struggles in the early days, or about arcane technical challenges you’ve had to overcome. Keep all presentations on topic and understandable to the general public.

Unless you’re a well-established brand with an enviable track record in the tech community, keep your presentations to less than ten minutes and then open it up to questions from the audience. You’ll find that the questions will say a lot about the public perception of your brand. Questions will also allow you the opportunity to correct any misconception the public might have. 

Always conclude your event by inviting your audience to join you for refreshments. This is the time that your company’s supporters will be most valuable. The networking opportunity is well worth the cost of holding the event

It will give you a chance to meet people who may become important later on in your company's growth. It will also allow you to embellish your brand's message in a more personal and casual setting.  


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