Looking for a little inspiration? Why not share a working space?

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  • July 23, 2019
Looking for a little inspiration? Why not share a working space?
A shared working space provides opportunities to share ideas, and through ideas come inspiration. Consider a shared working space in Bangkok.

Different Facets of Technology

Although your startup may have a firm grasp on the concept of your products or services, bringing them to completion, and making ultimately profitable is often a long and bumpy road. There is a big difference between proving a concept in theory or under developmental conditions and making it a practical product or service to bring to the marketplace.

Technical, financial, and logistical considerations all have to be addressed to prepare a product for the market, and these all require different areas of expertise and experience.

While you may think that the team you’ve assembled to move your startup forward can handle all the facets necessary to create a viable product, in reality, you'll most likely benefit from extra help along the way.

There isn’t a startup in existence that successfully had everything in place beforehand for all the hiccups and snags along the way to profitability.

Considering all the angles of a problem is the way to have the best chance of solving that problem.

Rubbing Shoulders with the Answers to Your Problems

Working in a shared working environment presents you with opportunities that are non-existent in a stand-alone office situation.
You’re able to meet and rub shoulders on a daily basis with people who could provide you with the answers to your problems. A working space dedicated to the tech industry, by definition, narrows down the people you meet and socialise with people who are most likely to be able to offer you a different, and often correct, perspective to your problems than your own.

By concentrating all these tech-minded people in one environment, the shared working space increases the probability of success for the collective group.

The Paralysis of Analysis

This is a concept that illustrates the dangers of isolating people to think the same way of solving a problem. Let's say that your startup is housed in a stand-alone office and that a team leader is in control of a problem.

The other people working on the problem are all employees of the startup, and so have gotten used to following the team leader’s particular way of doing things that have worked for the startup in the past. But it’s not working for the current snag in the development of the product.

By indoctrinating the employees to think in a certain way, everyone has become paralysed in the way they analyse problems they’re unfamiliar with.

Opening Up the Doors

In contrast, let’s consider a startup working in a shared working space. After the team members have put their heads together to solve a developmental problem and come up empty, they simply open their doors and begin to socialise as a way to release stress over their problem.

By meeting and socialising with people in the same umbrella industry as you, but working in different facets of the tech industry, you’re connecting with people who may have a different, but still qualified view of your problem than everyone on your team.
An offhand statement by these qualified people can be all you need to see your problem from a different perspective and give you the inspiration of how to solve it.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people in a think tank-like environment can be the way not only to solve your problems quickly but can be the source of inspiration on a daily basis that can reap benefits for your startup.


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