Join a Winning Digital Technology Environment

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  • January 02, 2020
Join a Winning Digital Technology Environment
True Digital Park was recently awarded the Digital Organization of the Year Prime Minister’s Award. We’ll explain what this can mean for your startup’s future.

Join a Winning Digital Technology Environment

True Digital Park (TDPK) was recently awarded the Digital Organisation of the Year at the Prime Minister’s Digital Awards 2019. 

As prestigious as this award is, what it represents to technological startups in Thailand is even more important. 

TDPK is the first and the most extensive complete digital ecosystem in the country. It embraces the smart city concept. Four of the central pillars of the smart city concept are creativity, learning, humanity and knowledge.  

By taking the smart city concept, miniaturising it within a single building and adding a focus on creating a digital technology environment within the concept, TDPK has succeeded in establishing an entirely new type of creative work environment in Bangkok. 

Having been open for business only since February of 2019, this environment is already turning heads in the Thai government, major established companies in the technology industry as well as new startups, and VCs and investors located both locally and overseas. 

What all these entities have realised, is the promise that this new sea-change in working lifestyles and habits means for the future of Thailand’s economy and its ability to compete on a world-class level within the technology industry.   

Adapting to New Working Styles and Habits

TDPK has adopted a vision of creating a ‘digital lifestyle-econnecting possibilities’ as a guideline in designing the working digital technology environment of their workspace. 

With the freedom and relaxed atmosphere the space offers, people are free to engage and disengage with the community, share their thoughts and ideas, explore the ideas of others and build connections that will lead to even greater realisations and ideas in the future. 

Including Fundamental Facets

By including lifestyle, creativity, sustainability and technology as fundamental facets into the community workspace, TDPK fosters a sense of commitment and belonging within the community of entrepreneurs, designers, graphic artists and coders. 

The lifestyle facet encompasses designing areas that offer seamless use for both work and play. It also means offering various shops and services within the workspace that use and support the e-Wallet concept as we move to a cashless society.

By designing a digital technology environment that is adaptable to new ideas and uses, they support the concept of using creativity as a valid means to an end within the technology business sector. 

Sustainability is manifested in providing a green waste management system and green areas within the work environment ecosystem. It’s also lending a sense of permanence to the entire workspace that offers startups the overall stability they need. 

Sustainability is also an increasingly important quality for professionals of every age group. Believing in the workspace you're in promotes the feeling of belonging to a community of like-minded people. 

The major facet that ties this community together is technology. TDPK uses a technology infrastructure to increase both the comfort and security of members of their community. 

Technology is not only the industry that the community is seeking to become a valued part of, but it’s also used to further and enable their ambitions along the way.

Working with the Larger Community of Thailand

TDPK is the first organisation in the Asia-Pacific region to create a complete startup ecosystem, and one that embraces and encourages the participation in reaching a mutual goal from the national government, and the private business sector. 

They've gotten the attention of such public and private organisations and companies such as AWS, Bosch, Huawei, Ricoh and the National Innovation Agency. These organisations have welcomed TDPK into the digital technology community of Thailand.

With the recognition that the Prime Minister’s Digital Organisation of the Year award brings, more startups will realise the benefits that being a part of a digital technology environment can mean for their future. 

TDPK has also demonstrated that they have firm roots in the broader government and business community of Thailand. And this will also benefit the startups of the present as they grow and develop into the future of Thailand’s technology industry. 


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