Important steps to becoming a beloved boss!

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  • March 07, 2019
Important steps to becoming a beloved boss!
What do employers have to do in order to win the hearts of employees? Here are some development techniques by TDPK that bosses, management, and businesses shouldn’t miss.

Amid the challenges and constant changes the 4.0 digital era brings, it is especially crucial to be well rounded in technology and new innovations while also adeptly managing revenue and people. This sounds like a mission impossible?


Don’t panic—TDPK believes that everything is possible. There is no doubt that being an employer means that you have to take on many roles and responsibilities. This may make you stressed out and verbally aggressive at times, causing your staff to view you in a negative light. Let’s have a look at the different qualities a great boss should have.


First, you will have to be close-knit with your staff and organization. Let’s take the management style of IKEA’s founder, Ingvar Kamprad, as an example. Although he had passed away, his work and accomplishments are still present. He was incredibly hands on with his management—to the point where IKEA staff have seen him many times at the store’s headquarter branch in Sweden. This proves to be a great character model of a beloved boss.


As we all portray our love for our employees differently, you don’t have to manage your team the exact same way as the founder of IKEA. However, it is important that management know each employee’s skill sets while also trying to match the needs and life goals of each person with that of the organization’s goals. This will strengthen the team’s career path so that they know they could grow with you. Manage your team in a way that fosters a positive relationship between them and the organization.


For example, a career path begins from a starting position. If good performance is evaluated, the person can be promoted manager of the department, and later director. In order to stimulate employees to want to continue working with your firm and to reduce the turnover rate, a secure career path is considered a reward for those who perform well and dedicate themselves to the company.


Apart from a clear career path, employers also have to invest in developing staff members. Even though investing in development calls for huge spending, it is guaranteed to be worthwhile. Doing so not only energizes or improves new skill sets amongst the team, but it encourages employees to want to improve themselves, perform better, and help guide the firm towards success.


It cannot be denied that employees are the key to any company’s survival. To further elaborate on how developing people could help create a professional team, TDPK would like to give an example of another brilliant executive, Suphachai Chearavanont, CEO of Charoen Pokphand Group. He once shared that a good leader must be righteous, visionary, and positive. The person must view others as more capable than oneself and must be willing to learn. The goal is to develop and drive younger generations that will help move the organization forward sustainably.

Thus, TDPK suggests that businesses, employers, as well as executives should plan the goals of the organization and the employees in the same direction. Additionally, management should increase the quality of living of employees so that they have a bright future—motivate them and invest in developing their skill sets.


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