Evolve or be replaced by robots!

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  • March 12, 2019
Evolve or be replaced by robots!
Because the world is evolving so rapidly, if you’re slow for just a split a second, you could lose an important opportunity. This is especially the case for salary-dependent individuals in the 4.0 era. With this digital transformation, you need to have certain skill sets in order to adapt and keep up with the changing trends.

Challenges emerge every day. During mid 2018, a Vietnamese rice noodle shop in Chiang Mai invested in programing a robot, named UBOT-01, to serve their food as a waiter. They put 100,000 baht into this project and hoped that it would reduce the costs and problems of hiring staff. This really did lower down the costs of labor and also created buzz for the restaurant. It brightens up the business, in which customers want to see the cute looking robot that almost resembles a car toy.


The arrival of UBOT-01 shows the gradual emergence of robotics or artificial intelligence technology into the Thai community. Robots are expected to replace about half of the job tasks in a decade, according to Express.


It is important that we adapt accordingly. New generation employees must be prepared for the possibility of robots taking over jobs!


But don’t worry too much yet, as there are always opportunities in times of crisis. Although robots could work every day without having to rest, go on holidays, or get paid, humans will have to adapt and improve their skill sets to differentiate themselves from them. For instance, be on the lookout for new knowledge, work hard, act quickly if it benefits the company, don’t wait for orders like robots do, and say goodbye to habit of coming to work late.


On the other hand, salary men and women with specific skill sets have the chance to take on the role of managing robots, software programing, robot repairing, or managing work with the implementation of robots.


Professional salary men and women in the 4.0 era will have to prepare for a wave of digital transformation. Develop your capabilities so that it aligns with the technology-driven age. Improve yourself so that you have an expansive set of skills. For instance, graphic designers should additionally study about AR or VR designing so that they are increasingly more realistic and actually meet the industry needs.


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