Employer war—battling for the best talents

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  • February 20, 2019
Employer war—battling for the best talents
We “work” for “money”, but for modern-day people, the digits appearing on their salary slips may not reflect everything in their lives. Let’s have a look at what they yearn for in a dream job.

If you could choose, which kind of employer would you prefer: a company that gives high salary but imposes awfully strict regulations or a company with an acceptable salary but with greater flexibilities?


It seems like employees today no longer consider “money” as the ultimate factor in making that final, job-related decision. What they need is simply happiness and being able to balance work and other aspects of life as they do not want to put everything on hold just to give their all towards their career. This explains why more people want to become entrepreneurs—they want to become their own boss. On the other hand, there are those who aspire to become professional freelancers, skillfully managing their own lives.


Today, many companies invest in high pay and attractive incentives in exchange for the best talents. This could be widely seen among IT companies as well as other retail and industrial sectors that have to continuously develop their own technologies in line with today’s digital era.


However, not every company could afford highly talented individuals and modern-day employees do not only look for high pays, TDPK believes that benefits and other forms of attentiveness by employers are factors that money may not be able to buy, but are what meet the needs of today’s job market both in Thailand and abroad.


Office space provider IWG gathered a survey from more than 18,000 business people from 96 companies and found that about 70% of employees prefer to work outside the office at least once a week. In addition, flexibility has become a part of benefit-giving strategies in many companies, which helps improve competitiveness and productivity, while also attracting and retaining employees.


Working in a pleasant work environment is also crucial. No matter if it includes décor that enhances creativity, free office seating, and entertainment or fitness-activity corners, these have become important incentives.


At the same time, companies should also be open-minded in allowing employees to embrace their own working styles if those also lead to the firm’s objectives. Companies should also support employees in self-development to pave their ways toward higher career achievements as well as consider the work-life balance of their staff.


LINE Thailand has been ranked as one of the top organizations modern-day individuals wishing to work with. Apart from being surrounded by cute cartoon characters, the company offers a range of attractive benefits and incentives. Week-long Songkran holidays for everyone of every position (junior or senior), for instance, allows employees to spend better quality time with their loved ones.


And then there are the other incentives. Employees are provided with free breakfast and lunch, napping rooms, fitness activities, as well as health insurance that also cover employees’ children and spouses, even same-sex partners that are legally married. Moreover, the company offers wedding gifts in cash, 7-day honeymoon leaves, as well as paternity leaves in addition to maternity leaves.


Another company that places great importance on people is Food Passion, the owner of Barbeque Plaza. As they believe that their employees are the keys to the company’s success, they want the happiness of their staff to transfer to their customers. Take for example the viral clip “restaurant staff also have mothers”. The video told the story of some Barbeque Plaza staff who had to work on Mother’s Day, in which the company had organized for them to dine at the restaurant with their mothers prior to the big holiday.


These tangible benefits are becoming increasingly influential in the job market and are as important as the salary or other incentives, including life insurances, health insurances, and provident funds.


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