Discussing what a digital workspace in Bangkok provides

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  • July 08, 2019
Discussing what a digital workspace in Bangkok provides
Nothing beats working side by side with knowledgeable people to solve a problem. This is why being a part of a digital working space in Bangkok can accelerate your startup instead of getting left behind trying to solve problems.

The Importance of a Digital Working Space Hub in Bangkok


The tech industrial revolution has meant the arrival of the digital working space hub in Bangkok. This new concept in an open, social working environment has many benefits that we'll look into and has some additional benefits that you may not even have considered. If you are an entrepreneur, who is contemplating founding your own startup, this day to day working environment can be a big help towards getting your company up and running smoothly. Not having to spend a lot of money on office infrastructure can be a significant hurdle you're able to avoid. It can also mean the difference between starting your company immediately and having to save up money to start it at a later date, if ever. Everyone has heard the phrase “strike while the iron is hot”. Nowhere is this phrase more relevant than in the tech industry, where a good idea needs to be acted on immediately to stake a claim of ownership. But this is just one of the benefits that a digital working hub in Bangkok provides for the entrepreneur. There are many more valuable facets that establishing your startup in this working environment will provide and very few of them are physical. Most of the benefits come from the amount of knowledge you gain from immersing yourself and your company in a productive atmosphere of expertise and experience.


Campus office meeting room at True Digital Park

Helpful and Supportive Environment

Being among like-minded, driven individuals on a day to day basis can have a profound impact on your level of creativity as well as your work ethic. It can lead to a more productive period that is vital in your company’s early stages of growth and development. Being in an environment of mutual support also benefits the entire working hub. When a problem arises that a company may not have encountered before, everyone gains with the knowledge of how to successfully solve that particular problem, should it ever occur again. You’ll find that is a large part of what the social camaraderie provides. It may look like a good time on the surface, but if you look a little at the office dynamic, you'll find people learning problem-solving skills and sharing them with others, because they may benefit from the interaction later when they have a business or technical problem of their own they need to work through.


Variety point of (working) view at True Digital Park

A Variety of Perspectives

You’ll also benefit from the variety of perspectives you’ll receive. Although several startups in the working space may be in the same industry, not everyone has the same viewpoint on events that occur and situations that arise within the industry. You’ll have the benefit of hearing separate arguments offering different viewpoints of an issue. This will provide you with lots of food for thought and expand your knowledge of the industry as a whole and certain issues in detail.

Current Market Trends

The speed at which you hear of changes in the marketplace or new trends that will cause some companies to pivot in their corporate focus is also something to value from the experience of working in a digital hub. Instead of having your company off on their own, working on a concept that may have become dated before it was perfected, your company will easily be able to keep up with the newest trends and developments in your industry as office workers naturally share them. This is an asset that can save you lots of money in worthless development costs and keep your company focused on providing up to date and relevant products to the marketplace.

Publicising Your Company Brand

Enjoying a communal working environment gives you the golden opportunity to continuously keep your company’s brand name on the lips of the people who matter in the tech industry.

Having the use of auditoriums, lecture spaces and meeting rooms provide the tools for you to publicise the achievements and developments you’ve reached. This can help your company by attracting the most skilled workers to your company, thereby increasing your company’s productivity and increasing its capabilities.

It also can increase your chances of finding the funding you need as worthy investors will always keep their eyes out for attractive new startups in which to invest.

The benefits of working in a digital working space will only become entirely apparent once you experience the camaraderie and social environment that exists in this new workspace concept.

Visit True Digital Park to get a taste of what this working environment can mean for your startup and how it can help you excel in the Bangkok tech industry.


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