Forging Collaborative Pathways: Malaysian Delegation Explores Innovation at True Digital Park

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  • August 25, 2023
Forging Collaborative Pathways: Malaysian Delegation Explores Innovation at True Digital Park
In a dynamic display of cross-border collaboration, a distinguished Malaysian delegation, led by Mr. Khalid Yashaiya, the Acting CEO of the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center Berhad (MaGIC) and also the CFO at MRANTI, embarked on a visit to True Digital Park. This official excursion was marked by a Cooperation Agreement Exchange Ceremony, initiating the promotion of the Global Market Fit Programme (GMP).

True Digital Park came alive with energy as the delegation, under the guidance of Mr. Khalid Yashaiya, entered its premises. With his dual role as the head of MaGIC and the financial steward of MRANTI, Mr. Khalid Yashaiya brings a unique blend of innovation and financial acumen to the table.

Dr. Tarit Nimmanwudhipong, the General Manager of True Digital Park, and his team extended a warm welcome to the Malaysian delegates. A comprehensive tour within the sprawling expanse of True Digital Park, Southeast Asia's largest tech and startup hub, was the highlight of the visit. Amidst the vibrant ecosystem of innovation, the delegation witnessed the convergence of creativity and technology in action.

A significant milestone of the visit was the signing of the Cooperation Agreement Exchange Ceremony, signaling the initiation of the Global Market Fit Programme (GMP), an initiative orchestrated by MRANTI. GMP is tailor-made to bolster the growth of Malaysian high-growth startups, presenting them with an opportunity to expand their businesses by tapping into Thailand's thriving innovation ecosystem. With Thailand boasting one of the world's largest economies, GMP opens doors to unparalleled growth and access to a broader market.

GMP participants are poised to gain a transformative experience through their involvement in the TDPK Startup Booster, an incubator thoughtfully curated by True Digital Park. The program not only provides a platform to connect with seasoned mentors and business experts but also fosters an environment conducive to collaboration and innovation.

Entrepreneurs and startups eager to embark on this remarkable journey can access detailed information on the official website: This endeavor represents an invitation to unlock the doors to innovation, growth, and global market access—a chance to be part of a thriving ecosystem poised to shape the future.


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