Want to be a long-term resident in Thailand? Apply for LTR visa!

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  • April 10, 2023
Want to be a long-term resident in Thailand? Apply for LTR visa!

During the pre-pandemic time, Thailand attracted nearly 40 million foreigners. Thailand is so-called to be the ideal country for foreigners to live in due to its low cost of living, slow-life lifestyle, amazing food, and scenic beauty. Many would have questions such as “What to do if I want to live in Thailand?”, “What visa do I apply for if I want to live in Thailand?” and “How to live in Thailand legally?”. An answer to these questions is as simple as starting to apply for a Long-Term Resident Visa (LTR Visa). Let’s begin with what is LTR visa.

What is an LTR visa?

Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) is introducing a new visa called “Long-Term Resident (LTR) visa” which is a program that provides a range of tax and non-tax benefits to enhance the country’s attractiveness as a regional hub for living and doing business for high potential individuals. BOI aims to attract 1 million foreigners from 4 target groups in 5 years.

What are the types of LTR visas?

  1. Wealthy Global Citizens (Wealthy individuals holding at least USD 1 million in assets)
  2. Wealthy Pensioners(Retirees aged 50 years and older who have an annual pension or stable passive income)
  3. Work-From-Thailand Professionals (Remote workers working for well-established overseas companies)
  4. Highly skilled professionals (Professionals or experts in targeted industries working for business entities or higher education institutes or research centers or specialized training institutions in Thailand or Thai government agencies)

Don’t worry about your family, they are able to stay in Thailand too! Spouses and dependents will be qualified to hold the same visa as you and stay in Thailand for up to 10 years!

*Find out more about qualifications on the link below


What are the benefits of an LTR visa to the holders?

  1. 10 years renewable visa permission will be granted to stay in Thailand; the first time for five years which can be extended for five more years if qualifications are met.
  2. Exemption from 4 Thais to 1 foreigner employment requirement ratio.
  3. Fast-track service at international airports in Thailand.
  4. 90-day report extended to 1-year report and exemption of re-entry permit.
  5. Multiple re-entry permit
  6. Permission to work in Thailand (Digital work permit)
  7. 17% Personal income tax for highly skilled professionals
  8. Tax exemption for overseas income
  9. Immigration and work permit facilitation services at One Stop Service Center for Visa and Work Permit

If you ever need help with an LTR visa application, True Digital Park is a certified agency approved by BOI. Feel free to contact us or find out more about LTR visas in the link below.



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