Special benefits for True Digital Park members by Stripe

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  • November 02, 2022
Special benefits for True Digital Park members by Stripe
Global fintech company, Stripe, is offering a special benefit for True Digital Park members with a fully integrated platform to give startups the fastest way to launch a company, experiment to find product-market fit, and grow and scale revenue.

Anyone in True Digital Park ecosystem will get to enjoy the following benefits:

1. THB 2.5M in fee-free card processing credits*
2. Access to exclusive Stripe events
3. Skip-the-line access to product betas and events
4. 50% off Delaware company incorporation with Stripe Atlas.

*The following T&Cs apply to the processing credits:
• processing credits are not applicable for express connect accounts or for companies using Shopify payments.
• processing credits apply to Stripe users who have yet to receive fee-free processing credits and are on Stripe sticker pricing; and
• there is a twelve-month expiration for the processing credits.

Register at https://stripe.com/startup-benefits/truedigitalpark


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