Experience new event spaces at TDPK OPEN HOUSE

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  • August 22, 2022
Experience new event spaces at TDPK OPEN HOUSE
You are invited to come inside True Digital Park West (new development) to see our brand-new event spaces and get a chance to win Lucky Draw with total value of 800,000 baht.

True Digital Park, Southeast Asia’s largest tech and startup hub, is set to open a new building, Phase 2, or what we call "True Digital Park West." This new development has been designed as a new campus under the concept of LIVE, LEARN, WORK and PLAY to awaken new generation to be ready for the future. The west side consists of office space, co-learning space, co-sharing space, co-creating space, shops, restaurants, and large-scale event spaces, all to continue to drive the tech and startup community.


Special! For those who are interested in an on-site tour, TDPK OPEN HOUSE will be organized for you to experience True Digital Park Grand Hall and other event spaces in True Digital Park West, Punnawithi Station during 22-24 September 2022.


Sign-up below from today until 16 September 2022


More information 088-6965187


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