An Accelerator Programme Offers a Lot to a Startup

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  • October 16, 2019
An Accelerator Programme Offers a Lot to a Startup
An accelerator programme in Bangkok offers mentoring, research facilities, and other facets to the startup. We’ll outline all the ways they can help.

An Accelerator Programme in Bangkok Offers a Lot to a Startup

Some entrepreneurs are leery of entering an accelerator programme when the first register their startup and begin work on bringing their products and services to the marketplace. But as more and more entrepreneurs are seeing the value of entering an accelerator programme in Bangkok, the number of these programmes is also starting to grow.

The reason for the hesitance to enter an accelerator programme is usually pride. An entrepreneur is generally an idea man and a creative person who prefers to be in control of their idea and their company. 

But as the success of brands that have entered an accelerator programme early in their existence have shown, these programmes are just as valid and viable for the savvy entrepreneur as they are for a meek and mild engineer with a valuable idea.

Understanding the Purpose of an Accelerator Programme

As these resistant entrepreneurs have seen, an accelerator programme doesn’t seek to take control of a company or project. They are mentors and educators who want to raise the entire technological and business know-how of progressive thinkers in Thailand to benefit the Thai economy as a whole. 

Their payoff comes in having a technologically qualified population of designers, programmers, engineers, and business managers who can provide help to their own companies in the future. 

The people behind the accelerator programmes are making a long-term investment in the economy of Thailand. 

Benefits of an Accelerator Program

For the owners and entrepreneurs of startups, an accelerator programme represents a golden opportunity to learn valuable skills from the people who are successful at making their living in a highly complex and exacting industry. 

These mentors can spare their protégés the heartache of making the mistakes they did at the beginning of their careers. They can teach them the lessons they learned instead of having the protégé repeat those mistakes. 

They can supply real-world tips on dealing with a VC, how to prepare for the meeting, and what information the protégé should be able to supply to the VC. 

Access to Invaluable Facilities

When an established company in the technology sector opens the doors of their research facilities to a startup and provides an accelerator programme, it can be just like receiving a large investment in capital. What would have cost the startup a large part of their R&D budget is suddenly provided to them with little to no strings attached. 

It can cut years off of the development schedule of a startup and provide them with new ideas and inspirations to follow. 

The Value of Experience

Having an experienced and wise mentor standing beside you and guiding you through the minefield of startup financing, intellectual property rights, and business management can be utterly invaluable. 

Not only do you have access to invaluable tips and information that specific to your business and research situation, but that access is instantly accessible by just a phone call. 

Gaining Confidantes, Partners and Customers

In the best-case scenario, the accelerator programme grows along with the startup. They may become career-long confidantes and share information and knowledge. They may also become partners or customers of one another. 

It’s a symbiotic relationship that benefits each other along with the entire Thai tech community and the economy of Thailand.

Benefits to the Thai Economy

As more and more startups understand the benefits of an effective accelerator programme and what it can mean for the future of their company, the relationship between startups and established companies will become closer and more cooperative. This sharing of information benefits the nation of industries as a whole. The tech industry will grow and prosper as a direct result of these relationships.

Research and design will be less of a risky venture as the amount of knowledge and sharing of information spreads across the tech industries based in Thailand. Cooperation will become a valuable and measurable asset to a tech brand.

Get in On the Ground Floor

To strengthen your startup’s future, consider entering an accelerator programme as part of your launch tasks. Getting in on the ground floor will give your brand a greater chance of success in the future. It’s wise and forward-thinking to do.   


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