Huawei Spark Ignite Thailand - A Startup Competition in Thailand

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  • July 07, 2021
Huawei Spark Ignite Thailand - A Startup Competition in Thailand
Huawei invites startups in Thailand to participate in the Huawei Spark Ignite - Thailand Startup Competition! Are you ready to power up your startup with financial, go-to-market, mentoring and networking support with Huawei, DEPA, NIA, KBTG, TusPark WHA, and Zanroo Inc!

With seven tracks to choose from, participate today in:

  1. Financial Services & Insurance: Innovative integration of technology in the financial and insurance sector.
  2. Healthcare Technology: Technologies that revolutionize how healthcare is provided, improving the lives of patients and providers.
  3. Education Technology: Digital solutions that enhance educational services, transforming how knowledge is shared and received.
  4. Telecommunications: Products or services that will transform how we can communicate.
  5. eCommerce/Internet: Technologies in the ecommerce space or that utilizes the internet to provide groundbreaking products and services.
  6. Media & Gaming: New technologies that can disrupt the burgeoning media & gaming industry, bringing new experiences to users.
  7. Mobile Application: A “killer” application that unlocks the true features and potential of 5G, e.g. mMTC, URLLC, eMBB.


The top 10 startups will all be in the running for:

1. Admission to the Huawei Spark Program 

a. Top winner: Huawei Spark Fire, “Accelerate” Tier and Spark Go-China program

b. 2nd - 3rd: “Accelerate” Tier and Spark Go-China program

c. 4th - 5th: “Incubate” Tier


2. Mobile App Track Prizes: Up to USD 50K worth of Go-To-Market resources and support

3. TusPark Prizes: Complementary independent office, brand exposure opportunity & 2-year Eco-membership

4. Exclusive mentorship and business development opportunities from Huawei spark Advisory Council, comprising of 20 C-level industry leaders

5. Up to USD125K Cloud Credits


Participate today and take your startup to new heights!

 Click here for more detail

Applications closing July 20th 2021


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